sokol :: someone please chat here
whenom :: hi...jone...?
sokol :: hello
Mike :: hello
Mike :: anyone here?
sokol :: helo
sokol :: just start by entering aquesstion then comming back
sokol :: later to see an answer
awacs :: same chat
awacs :: right?
sokol :: This is actualy much simpler then the old livecam chat
roland :: hi
Paul :: hello anyone home?
Paul :: what is the average compression rate for CCTV video on MPEG and MPEG4?
sokol :: Most CCTV systems will allow you to adjust these setting.
sokol :: with MPEG4 is can be as low as 30Kbps. depends
sokol :: on quality and frame rate settings.
wolf :: hello?
wolf :: john, you there?
:: hh
sokol :: hello
sokol :: give me some good links guys...
bob ::
bob :: Interact-TV Telly MC1200 digital media center
bob ::
bob :: BBC Begins Open-Source Streaming Challenge
bob ::
bob :: -
bob ::
bob :: Forgent Squeezing Money Out Of JPEG, Other Patents
bob ::
bob ::
bob ::
sokol :: thanks bob
amisun :: what is a product that makes a lot of money that does not work?
:: windows
:: john -- there is an easier way of doing fw2fw bi-directionality using udp (spack/ecip) drop me a line for more info... btw sorry for not answering your previous mail.... my correct addr is sarek_boca at -- Aryeh BTW I came up with this while playing with bittorrent from behind a fw and decided it SUCKED for p2p
sokol :: is the only way I know of
sokol :: you could alway use a 3rd system to copy all data back and forth
:: an other way is use the 3rd system to establish a usuable inbound port that the nat will route to the private net... If I remember right Ann actually pointed this out when we first discussed the idea of nat;s
:: see my mail reply for more
sokol :: You didn't read the paper wrote on this see the url 2 lines up.
sokol :: Also re-login to this and add your user name.
:: test
:: the login doesn't work it still leaves the name blank
:: ok your method has the following weaknesses:
:: 1) Both sides need to know about the fw
:: 2) IP rewritting needs to be done in Raw IP and/or in kernel mode
:: 3) It doesn't allow for n+1 n>1 rs's tp reuse the "connection" without doing there own handshakes
:: 4) Two hdr rewrites are needed for the pack-
:: oops pack->ack cycle
:: my method fixs this so that:
:: 1) Only the client needs to know about the fw (in streaming vs. handshake mode)
:: 2) all actions required can be done at the above the socket api (i.e. all user land and stdnard tcp/udp)
:: 3) Once the first rs connection is established no "special" handshaking is needed for addtional connections
:: 4) No hdr rewritting needed
:: note on item 3 the nns is not needed after the first connection also (except to tell the new rs what port to use)
sokol :: Aryeh, I don't know what your doing, but entering a user name has been tested on NS, Moz, and IE on windows with no problem. Uses standard CGI
sokol :: As for weaknesses, nothing else even works! 1 yes 2, on the client, yes, 3 NO this is not the case, 4, FW already does this
sokol :: ok what's your method!
sokol :: I am gone for a week from 8/23 to 8/29
:: hello
:: anyone here?
:: did you test firefox?... It is late here in NY (yes the east coast) so I will get back to you tommorow on the tech stuff
aa :: hello
liumingli :: hi
sokol :: What's firefox?
sokol :: I got to see and take photos of the 2K Christie Digital Cinema Projectors
sokol :: Anyone interesting in seeing these let me know, Don't think I can post them.
:: firefox is a ground up rewrite of moz...
:: ok my solution is to fiddle the ports around
:: namely if my outbound port is X then X is already cleared by the fw as a legit call back port behind it
:: so for example if my outbound port is 12345 on the FW then any message to 12345 on the FW will go to me....
:: the way to take advantage of this in a p2p app is multiplex udp (spack/etc.) onto that one port and use some kind of session control protocol (like MCP [your name for it])
:: this fixs the weaknesses in the following ways:
:: 1) since all the server is doing is reflecting down the orginating port it can careless if it is fw'ed or not
:: 2) since it is straight udp as far the fw/kernel are concerned std sockets is all that is needed
:: oops I forgot to mention that the nnc (non-nated client) must be a non-fw'ed proxy server as you mentioned
:: 3) is this really true if the connections are not from the orginal server?
:: 4) As far I know you still need to hdr fiddle to get the proper inbound ip/port vs. the nnc's ip/poprt... am I right?
sokol :: you haven't read my paper then, you can't control the ports on something like a NAT or linksys router/firewall.
:: You don't need to control them just know what the end points are
sokol :: Yes and that's what the Server C is about.
sokol :: Some Firewalls also verify the IP address that is sending those packets.
sokol :: So several senders could be sending to the same port and have thier packets re-routed to different IP's and ports behind the firewall.
:: yello
:: ok I see the point I was assuming all fw's where like natd
sokol :: even some nat's keep track of source addr as well as port.
sokol :: Hey everyone Please leave me some cool links, I make some fixes in the chat room, and I'm off to Italy till 8/29
purnima :: hello
cj :: hello
cj :: are you the one to ask about video compression or it he gone until the 29th
sokol :: Hello, I'm in Italy now, but I can answer some questions.
PURNIMA :: This website was not working all this time. I guess you are sleeping now. Talk you later. bye
ddd :: hi
sarek :: good it wasn't my imagination about firefox and logins ;-).... hear any thing from leveious?
sokol :: I talk to LEveious all the time. He's in Boston Area now.
sokol :: hello, who's here
sokol :: Hello Purnima, how are you doing?
sarek :: I thought he said he moved to ny oh well ;-)
sarek :: btw I forget are you from newark or trenton?... btw just so you have a pt of ref for me I live in rockland co
sokol :: I am from Clifton, north of both, near the GW Bridge to NYC
sokol :: Hey Purnima, I am in Switerland heading to London Soon.
sokol :: All is OK.
sokol :: To everyone else I have a lots of reseach on DVD rental and Vending machines, I will write about this month
sokol ::
sokol :: I'm back from Italy.
enigmax :: Anyone here?
enigmax :: MR_EEE at
sokol :: hello
sokol :: test
skatas :: sss
skatas :: hi
sokol :: Post some questions, I'll write an article on it
yamada :: jkk
yamada :: kjjkjkj
q :: gaga
cds :: vd
arnold :: hi
arnold :: hey
arnold :: anyone there?
sarek :: john has anyone ever done a formal writeup on any of our dvt work (journal articles)
[O][N][U][R] :: Hiiiiiiii
[O][N][U][R] :: are u there ??????
[O][N][U][R] :: i need a video format to 3gp mobile format file
[O][N][U][R] :: anyone hereeeeeeeeeeee??
[O][N][U][R] :: anyone hereeeeee?
[O][N][U][R] :: d
[O][N][U][R] :: wfef
sarek :: also who is terry lambert?
sarek :: one question is I do not believe ab is really a dfa as h8e describes it since we allow for hold times much longer then the avr arrival rate... I think of it more as a loose state machine where the state of each "machine" is data not code dependant (i.e. no explicit loops in any given state just implicit ones using state transisitions)
sokol :: hello
sokol :: [O][N][U][R] :: I need a video format to 3gp mobile format file
sokol :: By registering for $29.95 the Apple QuickTime Player you could export .3gp files. Nokia Developers Forum Also has a Media Converter that works well.
sokol :: See my August Article on Video on CellPhones or OverCell
sokol :: Sarek, Terry Lambert is a FreeBSD Developer and Friend, Why do you ask?
sokol :: I did give a talk to the FreeBSD group about Afterburner and it's internals
sokol :: Terry's work is definatly inspired by my talk.
sokol :: What's a dfa?
sarek :: In simplest terms I think he means set of statemachines running in parello.... essencially the idea of the conn array in my version of ab... though he incorrectly notes that all transaction clear times are below the mean arrival rate... this is *DEFENTLY* not the the case for ab since all we care about is the average hold time not being greater then the arrival
sarek :: oops forgot dfa = descreye finit atomina (roughly == to my concept of loose state machines)
sarek :: btw here is a chat room bug report--- clicking on a link in the chat window casuses the link to open in the chat window not the main window (firefox)
sokol :: Ok, I will see if I can fix that.
Terje :: Hey
sokol :: hey
Terje :: I think you should just let Allens' recruiter look for something for you.
Terje :: They got me a job.
sokol :: ok
LiNe. :: hello
LiNe. :: nobody in da chat?
sokol :: Some bugs were just fixed 10/09/04 including the links now open new windows.
pussy :: fdesf
t :: t
smartAV :: anybody in chat room?
sokol :: We should all meet here at a preset time maybe Friday at 3pm Pacific time.
sokol :: Hello it's friday at 3pm I'm here.
sokol :: 10/22/04
sokol :: OK if not now someone sugest a good time to meet here.?
sokol :: 4:30 sokol's signing out
sokol :: 4:30 sokol's signing out
dvsrh :: is anyone still here
in2liberty :: Sokol I presume...
sokol :: It's friday again let's meet up 3PM Pacific standard time if anyone get's this. 10/29/04
wolfhound :: how about 11/03/04?
wolfhound :: any good video-chat (voip) software for windows?
wolfhound :: cya
sokol :: hello, Sokol here right now.
sokol :: 11/5/04 9:49 am
sokol :: 11/5/04 9:49 am
tiny :: John, are you there?
tiny :: Jonathan here.
tiny :: need to talk to you.
tiny :: am emailing you now.
sokol :: hello
sokol :: Why Tiny as your handle?
tiny :: ok John, the email is sent. please check your dnull email.
tiny :: ok John, the email is sent. please check your dnull email.
sokol :: response also sent
tinybug :: ah, thanks John.
tinybug :: I think the server crashed a bit.
sokol :: Yea, I work full time so I can't just take off.
tinybug :: dang.
sokol :: which server?
sokol :: not mine.
tinybug :: this one.
tinybug :: maybe it is the web browser.
sokol :: what os?
tinybug :: think you could do any work from down there?
tinybug :: Mac OS X
sokol :: Sure I could.
tinybug :: we could send you a workstation and build environment, and get you an account to access the iSCSI target
tinybug :: ok, your reply email hasn't arrived yet.
sokol :: I think we talk on phone first. then maybe a day up there this sunday.
sokol :: then I can set thing up for remote
tinybug :: sure.
tinybug :: if you want to fly in this evening or tomorrow, that won't be too soon; we'll take care of you.
tinybug :: how soon can we do a conference call?
sokol :: Q-mail is getting really slow, there are some really stupid things about like like accepting anything of then responding a reject mail for every bad recipiant
tinybug :: hm. when was the drive last fsck'ed? I just had what I thought was a qmail error, but it was actually disk corruption.
tinybug :: yesterday
sokol :: so I get 50K mails per HR to joe--at-- and bob--at-- and shit. and it spend 10% CPU attempting to respond to unmailable addresses.
tinybug :: heh. :)
sokol :: and queue them for retrying later.
sokol :: We can confrence today.
tinybug :: great. the sooner we conference, the sooner we can buy your airplane tickets.
tinybug :: we're willing to pay premium for this work.
sokol :: I can do Sunday but my wife will not be happy.
tinybug :: hm. what if I talk to her?
sokol :: she had some Indian thing she wanted to go to.
tinybug :: use my smooth charm? ;)
tinybug :: oh. religious?
tinybug :: no local Indians who can take her?
sokol :: donno
tinybug :: if I have your permission, I am prepared to sweet-talk her a bit.
tinybug :: can't hurt, right?
sokol :: Don't get into it. After the sisuation with your last wife your not going to have good karma point with mine.
tinybug :: btw, I'm making progress; have two blonde blue-eyed high quality women dangling right now.
tinybug :: she knows about situation with Gina?
tinybug :: Gina is very sweet to me; I gave her her git last week, and she gave me a nice car.
sokol :: I have a rich friend who need to find a beautful blond jewish woman to marry.
sokol :: git?
tinybug :: hm. how much is he prepared to offer the "finder"?
tinybug :: git. bill of divorcement.
tinybug :: as per the instructions in the Torah.
sokol :: Don't send me down that same path thank you.
tinybug :: no, I won't.
tinybug :: You have a happy marriage and I will not compromise it.
tinybug :: what I did is not for everyone.
tinybug :: Gina is a hard case, but we still get along very well.
tinybug :: I should tell Purnima about that.
sokol :: Anyhow I'll manage my side. As for Adam he has no problem finding blond ones, reall party mansion in Sherman Oaks in LA, Hue heffner was there a few weeks ago at a party he threw,
tinybug :: :)
sokol :: but finding a blond and jerwish, for his parent to approve is the challenge.
tinybug :: the fun is when you have two at the same time. ^_^
tinybug :: hm. I do have one here he could have, she is 21, very sexy, huge tits, but she isn't blonde, she has brown hair.
sokol :: Just don't even talk to Purnima.
tinybug :: ah. ok. Sunday it is then.
sokol :: Nope, must be blond.
tinybug :: hm. too bad.
sokol :: and full jerwish, my friend is a stanford MBA, with rich realestate parent.
sokol :: Going to lunch, be back in 1 hr.
tinybug :: ok, see you then.
sokol :: back
bigbug :: hi J.
bigbug :: just working on making a build environment right now.
sokol :: hey
bigbug :: possibly one you'll be using. :)
sokol :: ok, did you call me a while ago?
bigbug :: tried to reach your cell a while ago; no answer. that was before our email exchange.
bigbug :: from the company phone.
sokol :: ah, when should we confrence, I can step out side for a few minutes.
bigbug :: let me ask; looks like the conference room is in use at the moment.
sokol :: I'd like to see if I can find a payphone or something around here with a hard wire connection you can reach me at.
bigbug :: can we do it in an hour? one of the owners is doing a big conference.
sokol :: Hey am I not a big confrence ;)
bigbug :: yeah, you give us a number to call, and we will call it.
bigbug :: well, you start with the hour deourves, and work your way up to the full meal deal ;)
sokol :: Let me find a place first. So are you full time with these guys?
bigbug :: yep.
sokol :: good for you.
sokol :: you know this is a public chat room right?
bigbug :: it is working better than the Kabbalah :)
bigbug :: yeah, I know.
bigbug :: haven't said anything too incriminating or identifying yet.
bigbug :: knowing you though the log is in a text file, so if anything sensitive made it onto here, you or I could fix it, right?
sokol :: yea, it's really cool when you edit it in VI even the lines vanish from the open and active chat windows.
bigbug :: I have AIM, if that is a better way to chat with you.
bigbug :: heh! it does?
bigbug :: must be a continual refreshing...
sokol :: this is the latest variation from the old livecam chat.
bigbug :: yeah, it is pretty spiff. how much are you licensing it for?
sokol :: I want to write a single threaded server for it.
bigbug :: you must be editing it with vi...
sokol :: cool or what.
sokol :: I need to trim off the older logs, it's a lot slicked then.
bigbug :: this is very very convenient.
bigbug :: easy to set up to, right?
sokol :: it's trivial now, but Apache does't clean up child processes started by CGI's like NCSA did.
sokol :: So I had to make a new version of tail that will die every 5 minutes when nothing is happening.
sokol :: otherwise these will just keep building up till the server runs out of file handles.
sokol :: we had 1000's running in a sort of zombie state, no output no parent but not dying.
sokol :: but add one line of chat and they all try to write to the parent who's not there and die instantly.
sokol :: yet these would still take the server down.
sokol :: it's 2 cgi's but could be one.
bigbug :: yeah.
sokol :: Hey you ever see my Xterm emulator?
bigbug :: sounds scary.
bigbug :: this chat I can grokk; xterm for apache?
sokol ::
sokol :: works on everything, so does this chat room, I have become pritty good at javascript.
sokol :: you can drag it resize it, icon and expand it. and type.
sokol :: yet it's just html!
sokol ::
sokol ::
sokol :: you still out there?
bigbug :: wow.
bigbug :: that looks really realistic.
bigbug :: was just composing an email o a lady.
bigbug :: s/o/to/
sokol :: it's a first pass, almost impossible to get the behavior correct in all browsers.
sokol :: It was very hard to even make it work on all of them.
sokol ::
sokol :: check that one out.
bigbug :: ok, mail is sent
bigbug :: neat.
bigbear :: hm. I wasn' seeing my messages show up. had to relog in.
bigbear :: ah, looks like we are ready for a conference call. Do you have a number for us to reach you at, or do you want to call us at the main landline in the email?
bigbear :: I like your slashdot thing. very handy.
sokol :: I'll dig up a location.number can I call you at that office #
sokol :: How do you rezise a X window in Gnome that is too big to grab the bottom of to shorten it.
sokol :: the bottom is alway below the bottom of the screen so I can't shorten it.
bigbear :: yes, you can call at our office #
bigbear :: not sure how to shorten; I do raw xlib progging, and I'm in Mac OS X right now without any X windows at all
sokol :: Can't believe no one is joining us in the chat room today.
sokol :: Maybe we can talk about video over I-SCSI, Since this is a common theme for the past several years.
bigbear :: video over iSCSI... given the current state of iSCSI, tcp/ip, and high end networking hardware, I would still say "scary"
sokol :: humm
urslove82 :: show me ur cam
sokol :: cam?
sokol :: what cam.
bigbear :: hi John.
bigbear ::
bigbear :: check out that URL; Mike Meyers is a 3 lifepath. tell me if that matches him or not. :)
bigbear :: your lifepath is derived from your birthdate.
sokol :: 20 Reasons Why you shouldn't post your picture on the Internet
sokol ::
sokol :: test
sokol :: I'm in Vancouver BC now working on a Final Cut pro problem.
sokol :: hello, this chatroom, doesn't work in safari on the mac apparently
sokol3 :: test
sokol4 :: safari test2
sokol3 :: test
sokol3 :: hdfghdf
hotnerdgirl :: hi
sokol :: hello
dodgeme :: hi J.
dodgeme :: J from Vancouver here.
dodgeme :: did you determine that the problem definitely is not on the NetBSD side?
dodgeme :: I'm writing up a report for a conference in an hour.
sokol :: NetBSD was working perfect, is was the Darwin acting odd.
dingdong :: hi J. Vancouver again.
dingdong :: can't reach you on your cell.
dingdong :: like to ask you a bit about your ping tests.
BigJay :: John, you here?
BigJay :: tried to return your call. no answer.
sokol :: My livecam demo is at
:: hi
sokol :: hey what time is a good time for everyone to get together and chat?
BigBadJon :: anytime is a good time.
BigBadJon :: did Steve and Dave call you last week? The day before Thanksgiving they were trying to reach you.
BigBadJon :: did the conversation give good results?
sokol :: no calls, just wanted my Hours. BBJ you know this is a public chat room right?
GiantGoodJohn :: yeah, I know it is public.
sokol :: hello
insane :: hello :)
sokol :: hey
sokol :: I was thinking that maybe I should make this look like the AOL IM
beer :: check this out john iinteresting use ot a rateless portocol over a zero knowlege network
beer :: protocol
beer ::
maury :: saw your post on /. - we've implemented the "tivo on a PC" - try it for your self: We're offering channels to the public, currently. If you'd like your own, email me - maury at
test :: asv
sokol :: hello
HLime :: waddap john
123 :: any one has idea on video + text chat using java source code???
sokol :: There are many closed java/video chat programs. but I prefer to use this chat technology.
sokol :: This is server push javascript and you can use any Java Video client with it.
sokol :: for more info you can reach me at
aaaa :: ssss
sokol ::
sokol :: DVD Data Structures Guide Portable Document G-904 11/15/2004
sokol ::
sokol :: viewpoint plugin
ads :: afdsfds
ads :: fdsafdsaf
roborob2 :: Im looking for info on the VIdeoNow Color format, any info?
roborob2 :: Also, I can confirm that the Videonow Color disks are 4.25 inches, Its so the the cd's can stor 50 minutes of audia/video tracks
roborob2 :: The Tracks are played at 2X
roborob2 :: Also, it seems that the Video and Audio exist in both channels
roborob2 :: Email me at Roborob2 at if anyone has any information:)
roborob2 :: Thanks for hosting this chat John
roborob2 :: This is were Videothen was born, it Converts 80*80 grayscale movies to Videonow, and sadly they discontinued coding for the videonow.
aaa :: hi
qqq :: hi nice to meet you
sokol :: Thanks for that RoboRob2, IF you can send me an ISO of a videonow color disk I can try to decode it.
sokol :: to make an ISO in FreeBSD or Linux run
sokol :: "dd -if /dev/cdrom -of xxx.iso"
sokol :: Note to self: VBrick MPEG4
sokol :: Let us pray for the Victims of this most recient earthquake in Southern Asia, I fear many people I care about in Sri Lanka may now be dead.
Gibran%20il%20Moro :: hey sokol
Gibran%20il%20Moro :: it's gibran
Gibran%20il%20Moro :: i just sent u an email
Gibran%20il%20Moro :: i was on the phone with Leveious earlier
Gibran_il_Moro :: drop me a line when u can
Gibran_il_Moro :: gburchett at
sokol :: Hey Gibran you can call me at my cell 916-704-7676
sokol ::
sokol :: Book
sokol ::
ink :: hi!
ink :: Hey - I'm looking for a good Video Broadcast Server that does not SUCK (linke REAL + WinMedia) - I want to broadcast from a Tattoo Convention in May this year (only ISDN Upload/Upstream to Servers) - drop me a line if you can help : online at
sokol :: How many viewers? Do you have a T3 or better to rebroadcast from? Do you need to find a CDN to rebroadcast for you?
sokol :: It prefer MPEG4 over standard RTP/RTSP all 3 major players can generate and stream/rebroadcast and recieve it.
sokol ::
sokol ::
sokol ::
sokol :: TiVo to create DVR sans cable box
sokol :: -- Lumicera - Transparent Polycrystalline ceramic lenses - dielectric resonator- Casio & Murata
recruiter :: Hi I'm a recruiter and need help...
recruiter :: hola
sokol :: Hello Recruiter send me an E-mail goto and see contact
Chris :: *knock knock* anyone home?
Chris :: *knock knock* anyone home?
Chris :: I like this idea, an abtractred IM client, anyway, I am interested in H263
Chris :: I have downloaded quite a few specs now, I am looking to write my own Java 1.1.8 compliant H263 (or find a LGPL equiv one!) decoder
Chris :: similar to
Chris :: My query is do you know any Java based (not JMF) clients for H263 decoding? :-)
sokol :: Yes Chris see, I have a link to it on my Main Page
sokol :: Also on see Roalt's H.263 page and jStreaming
sokol :: media PC with instant start-up launches
test :: hi
test :: anyone here me ?
kkk :: hi
kkk :: need help in h.263
sokol :: kkk please ask your questions. We will respond in the chat room.
cbs :: Help me:I want to the whole H.263 Standard
sokol :: your suposed to pay to get it from the ITU
sokol :: try at
mike :: hi ther
mike :: does any one know how to change an MPEG video to h.263 ?
daniele :: to see a h263 video?
daniele :: to see a h263 video?
sokol :: Mike the process is called Transcoding, MPEG4 is H.263 so there are many windows that can do this, see
sokol :: in Linux FFMPEG, transcode, mplayer etc..
Ritzen :: Hi ~
the-dude :: hi eine kleine frage? Hat jemand zeit
the-dude :: Hi evryone out there?
the-dude :: one little question. Has the h323 standard the same ports than h264?
sokol :: the-dude SAID: "a small asks? Someone has time"
sokol :: H.264 I believe is just the video codec, and doens't specify ports
pigman ::
sokol ::
sokol ::
ac :: hi... just wanted your feedback on the sigma designs chip and where you feel it falls on the chip hierarchy, especially with the sony announcement today
sokol :: Sony Announcment?
IBM, Sony, Toshiba unveil 'supercomputer on a chip Article here
sokol :: I think Sigma Has little to worry about. It's going to be a long time for IBM Cell Processors to get practical and usable. It's Sigma's "premade" solutions that make them so useful
Philgil :: Looking to contact video loop supplier for floor display
Philgil :: PhilGil
philgil :: URL is pgilbert at
ac :: Sigma Designs Powers Sony's New Network Media Receiver
ac :: this is the article:
sokol :: I've seen that. I have been spending a lot of time lately going over the SD chips. So who is AC?
ac :: ac is a shareholder of Sigma who is constantly researching
ac :: seems that sigma is poised to be a major player and I'm trying to get insight from experts such as yourself
sokol :: I see a lot of projects moving toward the Sigma Chips because of the development kits.
sokol :: The straight forware sales approch. When I was doing the Trimedia development it was like Philips didn't want to deal with anyone but big player.
sokol :: But it's me doing project for little players that get the big players to jump in. They are risk adverse, so they often buy completed solutions that just need a little tweaking.
sokol :: Me as in developers like myself.
ac :: so if tyhe big players are using the sigma technology, are you saying that the little players are following suit and starting to adapt the sigma chip as an industry standard?
ac :: by the way, thank you for your responses. You are very helpful : - )
ac :: Or are you saying that b/c sigma is developing well with the smaller companies that prefer a "complete" solution, their reputation will lead the big players to follow through?
sokol :: hello
sokol ::
sokol :: It seems, more often then not, the big companies start with premade technology that starting in smaller companies.
sokol :: So the little companies take the risk.
sokol :: Sigma started with smaller companies, and it now moving up the food chain.
sokol :: Basicaly what else is there?, Equator, TI, Cradle , Quick Silver (?) , TriMedia/Nexperia (pritty much dead),
sokol :: Then you have Xilinx, Altera, FPGA type solutions.
sokol :: And your Chineese/Japanese, that don't even have datasheets 1/2 the time in english.
sokol :: AMLOGIC for example.
sokol :: Zoran, can't for get zoran, there one of the few I really like also.
sokol :: Then your super complex, things, like Broadcom , TerraLogic. At this point I don't count Motorola's DSP563xx or Lucent's 16xx any more.
sokol :: "Silicon Image" created the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) standard , that's probably a good company to put money on.
sokol ::
sokol :: Basically, Anyone who does, DVD. ATSC MPEG2 and is also got support for MPEG4/AVC, H.264 is set for both the HDTV migration and the IPTV shift thats comming.
VSG :: Hello everyone
VSG :: Anyone around? Sokol?
ciccio :: there is any?
sokol :: Any what?
ac :: I hope after all this talk about Sigma, you picked up some shares. It has been moving since we've been chatting
sokol :: I don't have extra cash to put into the market right now.
sokol :: All is going into business ventures of my own. DVD Video Rental Machine, Computer cooling, software contracts and outsourcing, and online sales.
ac :: good luck!!! I hope I can be of some help to you in the future as you have been to me...
sokol :: See my save Startrek Idea using P2P IPTV, I need to get introducted to the right people to make that happen.
prabs :: Hi sokol..
prabs :: I am a Graduate student
prabs :: working on H.264 video deocder project..
prabs :: i need to understand complete flow of reference software..
prabs :: i need ur guidance
sokol :: >reference software
sokol :: I haven't been able to get any, let alone know the flow of it.
sokol :: If you have the code, I highly recomend Understand for C++ : from (Scientific Toolworks, Inc )
sokol :: from
sokol :: For the most part all the mpeg/h2xx codes have the same flow in terms of processing.
sokol :: Image pre-processing, motion detect, delta frames, quanitization, DCT, VLE (variable length encoding, such as huffman)
ac :: pretty large task to save the enterprise, but if I can help I will!
god :: ad
god :: adfg
god :: adf
god :: adsf
sokol :: try typing something in english..
rylie :: Seems to be mixed comments on dvd vending. Any new updates from first hand experience
ac :: my uncle took a stab,, if anyone is interested I can give you my input
sokol :: If anyone sends me a few paragraphs or even pages, I'l put them up on the site here.
sokol :: As for my DVD Vending experiance, we are still learning the bussiness side, the Credit card part is a nightmare, but it's always like that even for websites.
sokol :: Still some mechanical things to work out also. I am writting software to use a Cheap USB Camera to read the circular bar codes for DVD's.
sokol :: I have a nother story comming out on the Circular barcodes, and RFID for DVD Vending comming soon.
sokol :: AC I'd love to see your input.
sokol :: I am leaving for Greece for one week 2/24/05
Manivel :: Hi
Manivel :: any body here to discuss about h.264 error concealment
Manivel :: no body is there
Manivel :: no body is there
sokol :: I know about H.263 Error Concealment. H.264 is probably Similar
sss :: ?
Michelle67 :: hi !
sokol :: Hey I'm in athens greece for the next week.
aaaa :: tim is 11:30 EST Toronto Canada
111 :: ss
krishna :: hello everybody
krishna :: can anyone out there help me out in finding the composition of blu-ray discs
sokol\ :: 1:02am 2/27/05 from athens greece, what do you mean by composition of Blu-ray disks, as in Chemical? Data format??
louiskoo :: ???
uuuu :: jjj
uuuu :: jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
uuuu :: .............
uuuu :: ////.....,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
sokol ::
sokol :: Wired on IPTV dec 1994
sokol ::
bijoy :: this bijoy from bangalore
bijoy :: any job vecancy for compositing or video editing
bijoy :: my e Mail ID (msg4bijoy_pj at
bijoy :: ph:09845766625
bijoy :: thank you sir
ac :: Hi Sokol.. I've been away for a week but I did promise to give u some feedback on the video machine venture my uncle took
ac :: placed them in condo units. very conveniently placed in the lobby. Response was good, especially when he dracstically reduced fees to turn people on to it
ac :: problem was that the location did not provide enough traffic b/c it only seviced about 600 residents
ac :: also once prices were back to normal, there was a drop off in use
ac :: he could have made a little money with it, but not enough to justify the aggravation
ac :: you need a high traffic, convenient location that people go to. I know some drugstores in NY have them on busy corners but I didn't get any feedback on how they were doing.
ac :: he was thinking of getting a location in a school lounge (college) but gave up on the idea b4 he invested anymore to put one in
lolo :: Hi guys!
lolo :: I'm only testing please, sorry
lolo :: bye
sokol :: hey I'm back, DVD vending in a colledge dorm sounds like an idea
f14 :: hello i need informtion about yours dvr
cndsn :: 23
helpme :: hello?
helpme :: anyone?
helpme :: am i all alone?
helpme :: sniff sniff
helpme :: hello?
muddassir :: hi care to chat
sokol :: Just post questions here, and we will try to answer them.
test :: s
sokol ::
WB7ODYFred :: Hello John, I was looking for Drop me a line fredf at
WB7ODYFred :: Oh, I see I found it. Hope you are doing well, John. Fred
sokol :: Hey Fred, Glad to here from you again.
yaash :: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
12 :: df
123 :: hello
123 :: howr u
123 :: hey
Bujji :: Hi, I'm new to this room
Bujji :: Can anyone please tell me, where can I find H323 compliant clients with MPEG4 compression support?
Bujji :: is anyone here?
Bujji :: Please I need this information?
Bujji :: If anyone know this information, please mail me to
Bujji :: Thanks
ss :: s
testme :: hye
sokol :: Bujji, I'd search on , but check out OpenH323 , Konference , and Naskel Video Chat
sokol :: If you post a question check back in a day or two for replys.
dede :: video wall
sokol :: google search for NASA Hyperwall,it a project I was involved in.
lovesex :: hi
lovesex :: hi
sokol ::
mickey :: is anyone here?
mickey :: Can anyone please tell me,where can i find some video concealment source code?
sokol :: I would expect the H.264 error video concealment code would in the reference code for H.264
sokol :: <--- here
sokol ::
zoe :: hi guys
sokol :: - good link in general about H.264 including pointers to code
sokol :: hey zoe
zoe :: does anybody know pinnacle liguid here?
sokol :: no, but I have a friend who works there.
zoe :: is there any way you can bring your fiend online??
zoe :: just joking..
zoe :: so you don't really know anyhting about it..
sokol :: nope
zoe :: ok thanks sokol
jimp :: i bought a panasonic plasma display and i dont see the cable input
jimp :: can anyone help?
ac :: hey sokol... curious as to how your dvd venture is going... also, do you think sigma is inside the new portable play station 2 (psp)?
sokol :: I don't think play station would need the Sigma chips. Emotion Engine is what the are supposed to be using. I heard the Super-H cpu was also used.
sokol :: Sony stuck with MIPS for PlayStation 2, but designed its own custom version (the Emotion Engine) in cooperation with MIPS Technologies and Toshiba ... From google search
sokol :: Sigma is an Arm7 internaly
G00ba :: Hello John are you there?
G00ba :: Well I guess you have the resources to track me here at Geek central
G00ba :: interested in your resume and mostly the way you word your resume and stuff on your person pages...
G00ba :: heh uncomfortable about speaking yourself, and no one unnerstand that shit anyway...
G00ba :: all the money geeks looking for somthin else
G00ba :: heh but I digress
G00ba :: I guess you might be one of those guys who sometimes read the logs
G00ba :: :-)
sokol :: G00ba
sokol :: Well James you have an interesting Resume also, have we met some time before?
hamza :: salyt
hamza :: hi
hamza :: hi
hamza :: hi
hh :: hi
Mars :: Hi
Mars :: sq
Mars :: qed
sokol :: Post question here, we will try to answer them
sokol ::
musicman :: can your software play a role in a multi streaming video intranet?
musicman :: musicman to earth, come in.
mpegman :: hello
sokol :: Hey guys, there generaly isn't enough people for an intereacive chat, so just post questions and come back later for responses.
sokol :: I don't have "software"
sokol :: at the moment. Per, Se, I have and
cor :: Hi
cor :: Can Anyone answer my questions
cor :: hello
cor :: is anyone out there?
dreamestate :: everytime I try to send a video, I get the response, I can't because of protocol error, how can I fix this
dreamestate :: that is with my web cam and other videos
video :: hi
video :: can any one know cabac in h264
ash :: hiiiiiiiiiiiiii
ash :: how r u?
ash :: hi video
hong :: hong
hong :: how r u
jai :: hi
jai :: are you there
jai :: my video file playing with quick time player
jai :: there is showing error compression
goni :: hi there
goni :: hey sokol
goni :: are you there
goni :: eny one there
sokol :: Hey everyone, post a question (fully explained) and I will try to answer them at a later time, check back in a day.
sokol :: Cabec. Unfortnunatly I have not had the time to work on H.264 internals directly.
lin :: haiiii
mariya :: hello anybody here
farid :: hello
joe :: hihi
sokol :: Hello ZWIKS
momo :: dfdf
fsdgf :: ggfdgdf
sokol :: try typing something in English, like how you found the site, your opinion on something or a question.
Borsti :: test
john :: john
john :: how to embed .3gp .amr into a website
john :: Sokol
david :: hello david
david :: i want to ask a question on trimedia TM-1300
david :: how many cycles it takes to execute a 8x8 2D foward DCt onTM-1300
david :: can u supply the same for Tms320c64x
sokol :: David, I don't have access to a working chip at the moment to test this. But the VLIW compiler hides all that, so you can't directly tell.
sokol :: John, see, I have mine set as quicktime active X components.
sokol :: 3gp works best at RTSP / RTP streams, from something like the Darwin Streaming Server, or Real Video, Helix server.
ac :: hi sokol
ac :: just read over your montly update, and of course I have Sigma questions for you
ac :: with direct tv going to mpeg 4 technology, is there a chance sigma's chip will be used?
ac :: also, sony and miccrosoft (who have partnered with sigma) are further incorporating video download and video on demand services. Any sigma implications??
ms1014 :: hello every body.I'm a new face here.
ms1014 :: I have some quenstion about mp4 commpression.can I get a answer?
ms1014 :: I have some quenstion about mp4 commpression.can I get a answer?
ms1014 :: I wnat to know the VLC about DC.and the bitstream format.
ms1014 :: Is comebody here?
ms1014 :: bye
sokol :: It's starting to look like the TI, and ESS chips are getting the lead, but the Sigma Design chips ran cooler and used less power. In the end it's probably going to go the the company with the best SDK, develeper tools and quantity pricing.
sokol :: Hey ms1014 , give me a time and I'll try to be here to answer your questions, or try my E-mail
Alan%20P :: Hello everyone, I'm new
Alan%20P :: I'm looking for Colorgraphics Prodator Promedia 4-port Cards
kiran :: Hello everyone
kiran :: I have queries in Freebsd
kiran :: How to create sockets from FreeBSD kernel modules
kiran :: Any body is there
sokol :: I souldn'
sokol :: be dealing with Unix Questions here. Anyhow there is never enough people in here for interactive chat, just post questions and answers
macm :: oi
emelie :: anyone has the new H.264 spec??
opa :: Is there technology available right now that can send videotapes from camera to home office, and what it is called and how do I contact the company for information?
opa :: Our office wants to be able to have their field ops send their videos through the internet without compromising the original digital tapes. I am virtually naive regarding this subjuect matter, but would appreciate any knowledge anyone could share. Thanks, Ann
sokol :: hello
sokol :: osp, try colby systems , in the sf bay area.
sokol :: Digital rapids, also specializes in that.
ana :: hi
ana :: hi
ana :: hi
ana :: hi
ana :: hi
ana :: hi
ana :: oooooooooooooo
ana :: hi
ana :: im new
ana :: im new
ac :: hi sokol... curious as to how your video machine venture has turned out... any updates?
sokol :: Video rental system is still haveing some CC charging problems, still it's doing some bussines, We have 4more systems going out.
aaa :: test
WMV9 :: hi all
WMV9 :: hi all
WMV9 :: where could I find the WMV9 documents?
Maria :: Hi, John regarding the question we dicussed this morning it is the Polycom VSX 7000.
Maria :: John regarding to the other discussion we had, check out,
Maria :: Keep me updated:)
sokol :: WMV9 documents, are only available from Microsoft under NDA, and maybe a fee even.
raj :: hi john...raj here from bangalore
sokol :: Hey Raj
raj :: hi john.. r u there
raj :: i am in the process of building/increasing the tech team over herein bangalore
raj :: thats all for now...
raj :: will catch up with you latter
sokol :: raj , shoot me an E-mail so I have your address. I can set you up a E-mail
sokol :: I need Photo's a bio's or resume of the current india team.
WMV9 :: hi sokol,
WMV9 :: Where could I find any books or papers...etc. of WMV9 ?
sokol :: Only from Microsoft!!!!
:: 士大夫士大夫
4 :: 啊
push :: we want server push
pushyou :: haha,i am usa
pushpush :: test
pushpush :: whoami
pushpush :: testaa
pushpush :: hahah
pushpush :: push?
pushpush1 :: haha,here?
pushpush1 :: 123
pushpush1 :: 1234
pushpush1 :: 12345
pushpush1 :: 123456
pushpush1 :: 12345678
sdfasdf :: asdfasdf
sadfasdf :: asdfasdfasdfsda
asdfasd :: ddddddddddd
asdfasd :: asdfasdfasdfasdf
asdfasdf :: asdfasdfas
asdfasdf :: 1111
sokol :: HEy ask questions in here and come back the next day for answers
type :: hi
type :: This is budha singh I want to develope a web base
type :: audio and video web site pe
type :: audio and video web site pe
ggg :: helo
quchun2002 :: audio and video web site pe
test :: f
test :: hello
NO12345 :: hello
NO12345 :: everybody
isaac :: hi
koko :: hi
koko :: hi
compass :: HI
compass :: HI
compass :: Hey John how are you .I would like some assistance from you please if possible?
compass :: Hey John how are you .I would like some assistance from you please if possible?
compass :: looking for compatable motherboards for a pentium 3.If you are able to help it would be appreciated.Thankyou.
sokol :: Compass, E-mail me from the main contacts page, or call me 1-916-704-7676 with more specifics, P3's are obsolete,and hard to come by these days.
compass :: Thanks John I'll be in touch.
sherry :: hi
sherry :: hellop ]
sherry :: hi sokol
sokol :: hello Sherry
jet :: anyone here
terry :: t
sokol :: Post questions here, and we will try to answer them.
lol :: hiii
wayne :: i probably have an over simplified problem, because i am pretty computer illiterate....but.....when i try to play a video clip (for example off of yahoo news,,or other on line clips) i keep getting an erro code oxcood1197, condition id+0x00000000 which i have no idea what it means...any suggestions....also,,if i removed my windows media player, and reinstall it,,,will i loose everything in my library? thanks
wayne :: if no one is on line now that can offer a suggestion, would you please email me at again
sokol :: This is possibly a corruption in the registry setting. But since this is Microsoft, your screwed!
sokol :: You can try reinstalling media player, or upgrading to the latest version.
sokol :: Until companies like Microsoft decide to share what an error like that mean, there is little any of us can do about it.
Agent007 :: Good morning....
Agent007 :: Any thoughts and ideas on whether H.264 would run a 320x240 30fps stream on a 1.1MHz tablet?
sokol :: Agent007, h.264 for compress don't even think about it.
sokol :: For decompress, if it were a modified version, maybe, I doubt it unless there were some sort of hardware accelleration.
Raj :: hi john.. i got your mails... i am will be on yahoo... and msn... with the following ids
Raj :: hi john.. i got your mails... i am will be on yahoo... and msn... with the following ids
Raj ::,
raj :: hi john....raj herer
raj :: can u send me across the compco doc's.. i did not get that...
raj :: you can send to gmail account ....with a cc to
raj :: bye for now...
aaa :: hi
aaa :: any one here?
srp :: i
srp :: they
srp :: question?
sokol :: hey
test :: hello
test :: hi
Raj,Bangalore :: hi john...i am online.. waiting for you to have a chat on the compcos bid...
Raj,Bangalore :: pls. buzz me as soon as you are online
luis :: ghgh
neto :: hi
neto :: could somebody tell which is the bit rate in MPEG4 3CIF 20pfs
sokol :: bit rate in MPEG4 3CIF 20pfs -- Depends on what you set it too, Also known as rate control, or quality.
sokol :: What's 3CIF? CIF is 352288 , so 1056x864 ? I only get 23 hit's I guess a few people have done it, but its an odd size.
sokol :: Or would that be 9CIF.
sokol :: Well 4CIF is 704x576 (H.261 Annex D)
sokol :: for 4CIF you can look decient at 800 KBps with MPEG4 AVC or about 1.2Mbps with straight MPEG4, but again it's all qualifative.
archnova79 :: hello, anyone there?
archnova79 :: I am trying to get multiple bitstreams using the data partitioning of H.264 (JM96). Even if I set that option in the encoder.cfg file (DP = 1), I am unable to get three data partitions (or three bit streams). All I get is a single bitstream (test.264).
archnova79 :: I have following questions: 1. Is it possible to obtain multiple H.264 bitstreams in mulitple files using data partitioning? 2. Does the data partitioning option provided in the encoder.cfg config file refer to multiple bitstreams or do I misunderstand the option? 3. Is there any other JM version of H.264 that implements data partitioning to obtain mulitple bitstreams?
archnova79 :: waiting for your response, I really appreciate any help on this, my email is
sokol :: Archnova, I am not familiar with the specific code your refering to. Maybe one of our readers will know.
Ruchi :: hi john
Ruchi :: do u remember me?
Ruchi :: send me an email when u get a chance
sokol :: Ruchi, Who are you, what's your E-mail address?
brave :: hie Ruchi
brave :: how are you
210 :: Hi all!
210 :: I am also interested in multimedia programming
210 :: is there anyone knowing where H.264 source code is ?
William :: hello John
William :: Are you still here in John
sokol :: Hey william, send me an E-mail.
sokol :: 210, I am reluctant to share H.264 source code or even H.263 since there are copyrights's and Patents on them.
cvv :: Thanks Sokol so much, what a pity of having no free H.264 source. If possibily could you show me the way to get H.263+/H.263L source?
sokol :: E-mail me cvv
Atul :: Hi
Atul :: Can someone gudie me in h.264..I am new to this..
Atul :: I want some inputs
Atul :: Anybody is here
Atul :: Is thisa correct palce for chat..everything seems to be static
Atul :: Can anybody respond me just by sayinh Hi..
111 :: hello atul
Atul :: Ya, its working
vanqru :: i want to write a program which allows me to watch what is really on a remote computer's screen. Could you show me some clue ? Thanks a lot
sokol :: vanqru , just download the VNC source code.
rob :: hi there. I am trying to decode H263 Video in c++ or c# any one have any ideas where the source code would be. I need to convert it
rob :: hi there. I am trying to decode H263 Video in c++ or c# any one have any ideas where the source code would be. I need to convert it
rob :: hello please can anyone help. I need to put 2 H263 videos together side by side in one video with a wav file - any ideas?
funlovin :: hi all
funlovin :: does any 1 no another chat room called sokool
nani :: hi everyone
nani :: anyone working on ffmpeg project
fdsfd :: fsdf
fdsfd :: ahahahah
circuitcode :: I am looking for a video camera that outputs MPEG4-AVC in Ethernet packets. Any suggestions?
sokol :: H263 send me a private E-mail off the contacts page
sokol :: circuitcode I don't know of any with AVC out there yet.
nag :: what is H263 and how it works
sex :: wassim
aaa :: asdf
aaa :: 22
aaa :: 123
semi :: john?
pbg :: testing 123
pbg :: H264 rulz
pbg :: anyone there?
sokol :: yes
firerabbit :: asdfasdf
firerabbit :: hi
king_qing :: hello
nbvbn :: vbnvbn
nbvbn :: cvbc vbc vb
test :: dtestset
atul :: hi
Kavita :: hello atul
Kavita :: wat is this
Kavita :: this is very slow
Kavita :: helloooo
atul :: hello dear
atul :: can u see
Kavita :: wat
atul :: my mesage
Kavita :: yeah i can
Kavita :: this is very slow
Kavita :: yahoo is better
atul :: ok, good now we can use this if sometimes we cant use messanger..
atul :: yes, this slow
Kavita :: wat si this? R u working on this
atul :: becaz everyone will think that i am using it for Video technolgy discussion
Kavita :: u r very smart
atul :: yes
Kavita :: atul Do our computer have LAN Card??
atul :: to open this u will need to go to " and then chat room
atul :: no
Kavita :: ok
Kavita :: he will charge 250 extra for that
atul :: ok bye
Kavita :: bye
atul :: achha
Kavita :: love u
atul :: i too
atul :: bye
Kavita :: will leave at 5.45
Kavita :: bye
atul :: theek
Kavita :: how to log out
atul :: one more thing
atul :: whenever u login here have login by name "h264" ok
Kavita :: ok
atul :: close it and enetr by name h264
Kavita :: ok
atul :: again
Kavita :: wait
h264 :: hello
atul :: yes
h264 :: good
h264 :: can i be h256
atul :: good now everyone will think that i am disccuing on h264
h264 :: or something else
atul :: no my project is h264
h264 :: ok
atul :: theek hai
h264 :: u r working on this
atul :: yes this my project
h264 :: wat else does is have
h264 :: ?
atul :: my project?
h264 :: means wat is special in it?
h264 :: n who will use it?
atul :: this is a revolutionary standard which compress the video (moving picture like movie) so that i could take very small space and could be transmitted with less number of frequiences for TV and Mobile phone etc
atul :: theek
atul :: ?
atul :: u went
atul :: u here or went
atul :: u logged out
mk007 :: hey h264
mk007 :: hello
rui :: hi
sokol :: Hello, If you post a question in here I'll try to answer it.
sokol :: I need a good message board application.
sokol :: for the web site.
joel :: hello?
sokol :: hey
RaRa :: hello
RaRa :: John
RaRa :: are you there
RaRa :: this is Rasheed
RaRa :: I need to talk to you
RaRa :: about a project
Dave :: hello
Dave :: im Dave
Dave :: sokol you are the moderator?
Dave :: im interested in finding out about programs that drive a security system
Dave :: if anybody knows of where i could get some info id appreciate it Ive herad and seen one called Chateaux but its quite old
h264 :: hello
h264 :: hi
h264 :: atul
h264 :: u there
h264 :: hello
h264 :: atul
sokol :: Dave are you talking about DVR CCTV software?
sokol :: There are few standalone applications. Most either come with the capture boards or only operate with a specific type of board.
sokol :: Windows has no provisions to support multiple video input sources.
sokol :: I guess you can call me the moderator.
vinu :: how to test
vinu :: is any body there
kev19 :: hi
drthrtm,,vf :: hft.ou;oiddssg
drthrtm,,vf :: dheryhtrj
sokol :: Hey, leave a question posted here and I will try to answer it.
sokol :: Hey, leave a question posted here and I will try to answer it.
chksonline3000 :: hi
chksonline3000 :: any body here
khaliq :: Hi I need som help any one there
khaliq :: I m working video conferne in java using jmf but the video quality s very poor flickering and slow How to make it fast and of good quality
khaliq :: My email is
khaliq :: I 'll be thankfull any one helped me in it
lo25 :: hii
sokol :: don't use Java. Khaliq
manga :: hiiiiii
hiiiii :: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
hiiiii :: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
pinkice :: hi
steve :: hi
steve :: dgfeg
celp :: hello
relax :: relax
relax :: hi
loloo :: hello
kavi :: hi
kavi :: hello
sokol :: Hey guys, the odds of finding another person here is low. Please leave questions, then check back, We will try to answer them
mola :: if date time record was accidentally done, is it possible to deselect that sub code in playback and see video image only?
sokol :: Mola, with what software were you doing this in?
ro :: hi
ro :: i am working on motion video compression for mobile
ro :: can u say which s/w is better for coding
ro :: any one ther
ro :: any one ther
RAj :: hi
RAj :: can you tell how a receiver find that the receive vido format is CIF or QCIF
Raj :: heloo
Raj :: hello
ram :: hi
hvxc :: hi all
hvxc :: who is kavi
hvxc :: i want good quality encoded H.264 bitstream
okdoki :: hi
helo :: hi all
farhan_str :: hi
farhan_str :: y
farhan_str :: wat is ur name
farhan_str :: wat is ur name
asd :: hi
h :: yo
testme :: hye all
testme :: can any noe know how to compress video format in jmf
sam :: hi
sam :: can any one tell me how to calculate MIPS for video
sud :: hi!
sud :: Does any one work on mobile phones?
ninhsui :: hi
sud :: Does a video codec exist only on the phone?
sud :: Is it hardware dependant?
sud :: HELP!!
ninhsui :: video chat
ninhsui :: video chat?
ninhsui :: video chat?HELP me
ninhsui :: any body help me?
ninhsui :: any body help me?
ninhsui :: at?
pepe :: rwerw
1111 :: 11
1111 :: 55555
kaomers :: y
sokol ::
sokol :: HD Clips
person :: hi
person :: anybody is there?
sokol ::
sokol ::
sokol ::
sokol :: with some 1.5 billion TV sets in use
sokol :: EN5290 standard definition encoder for Windows Media 9 Series
sokol :: "With over 37 million digital set-tops shipped worldwide, Motorola is a leader in designing innovative broadband devices for the connected home. As we leverage this experience to focus on new opportunities like IPTV, we will continue to collaborate with leading software developers like Microsoft to offer service providers a tightly integrated solution," said John Burke, corporate vice president and general manager of consumer entertainment solutions at Motorola. "The growing demand from service providers for comprehensive IPTV solutions and the market momentum for Microsoft TV IPTV Edition made this a natural next step in our alliance."
sokol ::
sokol :: Middleware is a layer of software that runs on top of set top box operating systems (OS) creating a consistent environment to run application software over a wide variety of set top boxes. Examples of set-top middleware include MSTV, OpenTV, Liberate, PowerTV, etc
sokol ::
sokol :: OpenTV PVR 2.0
sokol ::
sokol ::
sokol ::
aaa :: aaa
Raj,Bangalore :: hi john..raj from bangalore... i am right now in chennai, i am out of bangalore...i have sent you a mail regarding cisco
Raj,Bangalore :: i spoke to sudheer who just arrived in bangalroe today morning..and also to rasheed about this details
Raj,Bangalore :: will be in touch with you....
Raj,Bangalore :: bye ...
sokol :: video server
sokol ::
Allen :: Hello
Allen :: Does somebody know about Equator
Allen :: How about this chipset?
Allen :: better than Trimedia?
sokol :: Trimedia is outdated, Equator is general a better chip these days.
sokol ::
sokol ::
mousy :: hey
mousy :: wat up sokol
ashwin :: hello
ashwin :: hello
ashwin :: is there any f from bangalore
along :: along
along :: along555
x :: where is the video?
yh] :: anyone online
yh] :: anyone online
yh] :: sokol
sokol :: post questions here and check back for answers.
test :: lll
vimal :: hello guys
vimal :: how are you
vimal :: Is any body available
vimal :: Wats up
vimal :: no answer
vimal :: hahahahahah
vimal :: every one sleeping
OlyPen :: hello
victor :: hello
del :: hi
Nanjappan :: hello
Nanjappan :: any 1 online
Nanjappan :: anybody frm blr
Nanjappan :: I am having doubt on creating .3gp file. Can I directly use H263 encoded data in the MDAT box?. if it so, how can i fill duation & stss,stco boxes. Please some one answer my question?
sokol :: Nanjappan , which tools are you working with?
Nanjappan :: Dear Sokol, I am not using any tool for generating .3gp. But based on ISO Base media file format I have designed all the box structure on my C++ pgm.
Nanjappan :: Now I need to add Media data (In MDAT box).But Can I directly use H263 encoded data on that box? If it so, how can I decide sample size , Chunk size & No. of Samples?
Nanjappan :: I have created my own audio 3gpp file based on AMR data. But I am strugle to generate Video 3gpp file.
Nanjappan :: So please give me your most valuable suggestion for generating .3gp
cowboy :: nee more info on you dvr software
cowboy :: hello anyone here
ss :: ss
ss :: where can i find h.263 codec used service??
sokol :: hello
shan :: hello
shan :: what is trimedia
shan :: ???
student :: How can I use H.263 to compress and decompress one frame captured by camera?
arif23 :: hgfhjdbg
sam :: hi
sillygoose :: hi
sillygoose :: could any one give me a sample codec with h.263?
sillygoose :: could any one give me a sample codec with h.263?
sillygoose :: could any one give me a sample codec with h.263?
sillygoose :: could any one give me a sample codec with h.263?
sillygoose :: could any one give me a sample codec with h.263?
hh :: ff
lighthouse :: hello?
zhangym :: who know the ip_stb
zhangym :: st,conexant all have the chip for h.263 codec
zhangym :: nobody answer.i'll go
rdowns :: How do I sell DV R source code
rdowns :: I'm seeling off my business
rdowns :: Thats selling
mark :: hi
asaf :: hi
lo25 :: hii
twinkle :: hai
twinkle :: what are the major difference between H.263 and H.264
twinkle :: any H.264 specialist here
steppe :: Hi,
steppe :: I am being courted by a DVD vending startup here in Montreal, Canada.
steppe :: Would love to chat about these machines and the trends you see.
steppe :: Is this an emerging market?
steppe :: Why has it taken so long to catch on here? They seem to be a fixture in Italy, France and the UK.
steppe :: my direct email is help or feedback is appreciated
steppe :: Cheers!!
steppe :: oh yeah almost forgot, in your feb 2005 edition, u mentioned that you actually visited Riello manufacturers in Italy...this is the one my potential company is using and have exclusive rights to....u mentioned that their machine was not the best u had seen....which one was and why?
azkid :: wat is this?
azkid :: kinda werid in here
azkid :: aw well, bye
azkid :: :)
steppe :: hi, is this not appropriate?
steppe :: i was responding to an article written in VTM edition feb 2005 on DVD vending machines
steppe :: i went thru the logs and noticed that most of what is talked abt here is highly technical
steppe :: lemme know if i should take this discussion lsewhere
steppe :: nite x2
redness33 :: hi
ll :: jj
ll :: jj
cjr :: i heard there's a download to let you conference on msn messenger is it true?
Akrep_23 :: slm
Akrep_23 ::
Akrep_23 :: 齞rtgrtg
sokol :: MSN Messager? Don't know, there is netmeeting (start) (run) conf will install it
EdKattak :: Hey Jon
EdKattak :: John
EdKattak :: Does this work?
acemack :: hi
engin :: engin
anistone :: hi
lilo5000 :: hi
lilo5000 :: am working on an algorithme for video coding
lilo5000 :: and am programming it on matlab
lilo5000 :: i want to write it on java but i find it quite hard
lilo5000 :: do any one have an example of reading a sequence of images
lilo5000 :: is here any one
lilo5000 :: ??
lilo5000 :: coucou
Amit :: hi
Osama :: hi all
Osama :: i try tp get information about the 2K/4K formats but i couldn't
Osama :: one can help me?
tt :: what?
umashankar :: hi john
umashankar :: this is umashankar from bangalore
test :: helle
c.k :: hello
c.k :: i am doing project on DCT
c.k :: hai
wukui :: hello
fa :: sfsdfsdf
z :: hia sdfas
ww :: hi
ww :: hello
jayz :: anyone here
Eugene :: Hi friends, do you know any company or firms who offer H324 stack for mobile handset
monty :: Hi Friends, I am interested to get the H.264 standerds specs, Pls suggest for any sites where i can download the specs
LG :: I am running Pinnacle and Movie Maker and seem to have a conflict problem when capturing video. How can I make Pinnacle the default program
hau :: hi
hau :: does anyone know how to stram 3gpp compliant ?
njlk\ :: no
msn-lad :: hey
msn-lad :: any one here
msn-lad :: any one here
hj :: hello
hj :: how many people can chat in a room at the same time?
hj :: bye nobody is here
khyron :: hola
khyr%E7 :: erewr
khyron :: hola
khyron :: hi
khyron :: some
khyron :: talk me
5 :: hi
5 :: j
5 :: jjj
mohh5 :: uikj
s :: dd
joe :: hello
hk :: hi
hocine :: hello
hocine :: is me hocine
hocine :: men 25 years
hocine :: ok
hocine :: my msn is
hocine :: and my number mobile is :0021377821945
sarek :: hi
sokol :: Hey Aryeh
michael :: yo
michael :: any1 here teen
michael :: weeeeeeeelllll
michael :: um
michael :: ya
112 :: hjk
sokol :: hello
bediff :: i wanted to know if you all could help me find an engineer for bay area who is a
bediff :: specialist in
bediff :: video coding
bediff :: h263
bediff :: h264
bediff :: if you know anyone my cell is 650-793-0600
bediff :: thanks
bediff :: thanks
Bill4short :: hello. imlooking 4 information
Bill4short :: I would like to create a video wall
Bill4short :: where I have a pc or dvd image on a single monit0r and , modulate, stretch or multi plex it onto say 9 - 12 monitors
Bill4short :: I do not want the same image on all screens - i want to stretch it out on to all of them - im not sure the correct term people have told me many - too many
Bill4short :: i need an expert
Bill4short :: i need an expert
Bill4short :: contact email:
Bill4short :: work phone: Bill the electrician 757-853-7683
Bill4short :: thank you
djgrkr :: wt up
djgrkr :: wt up
sdfg :: wt up
sdfg :: Hey
hamwood :: hello
sokol :: Hello, please leave questions here or set a time to chat.
sokol :: The odd's of finding someone in here are very low.
asdfasdfsdf :: ?
Coding :: is there who?
omolinete :: hello?
Frenk :: Helloooo
Frenk :: jkjljlkjlkjlk
Frenk :: sdasd
Frenk :: lkjlkjlk
Frenk :: po鑠o
amargias :: hello
amargias :: hello
hello :: heloo
hello :: is anyone here?
rina :: hello
rina :: anyone in the chatroom?
rina :: Hello John, just wanted to thank you for your help on error concealment
sunbird :: hi
sunbird :: this is the first time i come here
sunbird :: i am doing h.263 now :D hope this room can be helpful
ygod84 :: ello
ygod84 :: hello
ygod84 :: test
sokol :: Sunbird, yes We will try to help, It's rare to catch people in here so just drop a question or E-mail one.
sokol :: and check back later.
sokol :: Dec 12 , 11:13 PDT
Life :: hi der
sokol :: hi Dec 12 1:38 Pm
Life :: how r u?
Life :: better than U :)
Life :: hello ppl
Life :: ru guyz awake?
sokol :: yes
sokol :: just working on things
natasha :: hello
natasha :: john are you there
natasha :: anyone there
sokol :: yes
Life :: hi natasha
Life :: how r u doing ?
Mubi :: HI
Mubi :: i hiiiiiiiiiiii
Debrina :: Hi..I am looking for a used Video grandson receive one for his ninth birthday on Saturday..took it to school for show and tell and someone stole it. I have no way to buy a new one but could purchase a used one. Any ideas as to where to buy a new one would be a great help. Please contact me at
Bigstone :: Need hardware to hook up to fm demodulator that will capture live video and turn it into jpeg out via USB
Illusion :: hello guyz
Winnie :: Hello, I am looking for a video example in H263 format, I have to apply this the streaming media application in wireless, which supports video call, sms, mms, but I found that it is difficult to realize it in J2ME, especialy to regard a mobile as a simple media server, which can send out rtp stream. Any ideas or hint would be appreciated, pls contact me at, thanks in advance :)
sunbird :: hi
sunbird :: i am doing h.263 now :D hope this room can be helpful
sunbird :: my mailbox :
sunbird :: i also want find some video example in 263 format
sokol :: I'll try to dig up some of my old sample clips. you;ll also want some yuv clips also, this is what the H.263 example code takes in.
dssd :: cxvcx
Middleast :: hello
Middleast :: I am want to find example and basics of SMATV, IF and RF distributions my email is
sokol :: Do you mean SMATV (satellite master antenna television)
keesj :: hi
fghgh :: opo
fghgh :: opi
opo :: opo
sunbird :: thank u sokol ^^
sunbird :: can u send it to my mailbox
sunbird :: what is your time now? when i come here
sunbird :: there is no body :(
sunbird :: how are u sokol
sunbird :: i had make a coder about H.263, but i dont know how to examine it ?
sunbird :: i had make a coder about H.263, but i dont know how to examine it ?
sunbird :: can u give me some materials to examine my coder
sunbird :: is there anyone here?
sokol :: examine my coder? What do you mean.
sokol :: Don't expect a live chat here. There isn't enough people yet
sokol :: With the H.263 encoder example code it takes in a YUV file to h263, then you can decompress it back to a YUV.
sokol :: At that point you can compair the Noise level before and after comression etc..
sokol :: At that point you can compair the Noise level before and after comression etc..