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December 29, 2005
Video Technology Magazine has come a long ways, I am now working on projects related to it Full time.

VTM is supported from Google ads and paying contract projects that come from Our Services Group. This is mostly consulting services ranging from Windows and Linux Software development to providing advice, testing and researching technologies.

This has been going well enough that I now how an office in Bangalore India with several full time developers on staff there.

Getting my technical people to submit articles has been like trying to pull teeth, so I have had to do almost all of the writing on my own. There are many more articles I have material for and would very much like to go in-depth on many topics.

It's important that VTM not become anther mindless RSS Feed, or just reposting of Press Releases, but I seek to find the Deeper story and understand what Is really happening. Also To be able to interpret things on many more levels, from a in depth technical to a market trends and even stock market financial view.
For lack of being able to find any web development tools that allow me do lay the site out they way I'd like, I hand Edit all the HTML by Hand using VI on FreeBSD Unix.

Even though I have been working with analog video for almost 30 years (since I was 8) and Streaming Compressed video for 15, this is the first time I am really starting to see things change and take off. The main stream is starting to take it seriously rather then take a "If we don't understand it, then Kill it" approach.

The long predicted convergence of computers and television is just about here. With compression, Internet and Broadband to the home, the FCC, Cable monopolies and other limitations are rapidly eroding along with the physical and technical boundaries of where video can go and what can be done.

It's truly an exciting time for this industry.

John L. Sokol

For year My friends and I have been researching different areas of technology and video for other business and personal interests. Some of this research would either go into starting a new companies or new products for someone else's company, but more often then not, it would just collect in some filing cabinet and gather dust until it became too outdated.

So after many years of this, I finally decided to do something about this. I created this site to share what myself and others were researching. This effort has been very productive and allow much more interaction and insider information then I have had previously as well as giving me a much better insight into the industry.

Much of my efforts these days are doing product development and technical due diligence for companies and investors. So there is quite a bit that I can not share since it's under NDA or considered confidential.

I hope you all benefit from this information and please contribute as much as possible.

The Editor, John L. Sokol

John Sokol is video compression and streaming expert. He has developed many Unix, Linux and Windows video applications as well as analog and digital electronic circuits for video transmission, compression, processing and capture.

He has worked on video over Internet, Frame Relay, ATM, X.25, GPRS, Metricom, 802.11, and other wireless networks, over lasers.

On platforms and as diverse as 4K Digital Cinema, HDTV, SDTV, NTSC, PAL, PDA's, PC's, Cell Phones, Embedded systems and Ubicom SX25.

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