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V4L - Video for Linux - VIVI Driver
Software Development Services
CCTV - DVR (Digital Video Recorder) security cameras section
HDTV - High Definition Television
Digital Cinema
Media Conversion Services, Will convert anything to DVD
Advanced GUI, about Multi-Touch Screens and other User Interface Technology
H.263, H.264 MPEG4 information site
8VSB HDTV Video modulation site


2006 Digital Video Tradeshows
Analog Broadcast TV in the US
"Star Wars" Wars
Save StarTrek Enterprise Let's create a P2P IPTV Network
Economics of Video and the Internet 4/2003
Playerless - JAVA Streaming Video technologies For the WEB
8-level vestigial sideband modulation - 8VBS - The Modulation for US HDTV stadard
Video Format Resolutions
Setting up dual displays under Windows
Multiple Output Video Cards

March 2006

KFC Video Secret
Low cost DVR boards now Available.
What the hell is this chip?
V4L2 sight coming online
Open Source Flash Player

February 2006

Multi-Touch Screens
Internet Growth Is Slowing
Video Usage Creates Traffic Jam Worries
ATI Makes False Claims on HDCP Support
CCD Image Sensor Inventors are Awarded
No DV Expo East this year
Video Confrences in February
load of C.R.A.P. (Content, Restriction, Annulment, and Protection)
IPTV A Threat To Cable
Video Tombstones
Newest Patent Threat to MPEG-4
'True' Video iPod Coming Soon
The World's Fastest Image Processor
Blu-ray Discs Won't Be Cheap
Coming Soon, Super Vision
Surveillance Is on the Rise, Straining Carriers
Links -> OLED , C-Eye Smart Camera from Tern Inc.

January 2006

IEEE honors Micronas chief scientist for development of digital high-definition TV in North America
Digital Video Tradeshows
For Sale: OEM DVR Hardware Compression Source Code
Matrixstream H.264 IPTV Box
Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
Video blog sites
EyeBud 800
iPod Video Formats and Display Resolutions
Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline
WMF files can run malicious code!
WMF Vulnerability is an Intentional Backdoor?
World's First 102" Full HD PDP
SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display)
The Engineer Behind Microsoft's TV Strategy
Apple Sues in iTunes Patent Dispute
HD DVD Demo a Disappointment
A Look at Google DRM
AOL Buys Video Search Firm
Hackers Rebel Against Spy Cams Voice Privacy
Live Mobile Phone Streaming
Interesting Links
Misc Video resources

December 2005

Major Digital Media Tradeshows
Yahoo! to Stream CBS Programs
CBS Threshold - Streaming VOD
NBC To Offer On-Demand Movies Via P2P
How Should On-Demand Content Work?
Throwable WiFi Camera
Video On Demand is finaly here, Almost...
What are the best Video DSP?
ATI Video Processing Upgrade
50% of HDTV Owners Don't Use HD
Apple Adds New TV Shows To iTunes
Apple Signs Up NBC
Archos is also closing deals fast.
Interesting Links

November 2005

3D Digital Cinema
The Entire Star Wars Saga Scheduled For 3D Theatrical Release
Network DVR on a Chip
GPL Video Source code Violations
Video Codec Reference Source Code
Yahoo's Hollywoodification
Near-eye Microdisplays
Alps Mini LCD's Video: Meteor caught on tape
Video Feedback
Tape It Off The Internet

October 2005

iPod Video Unveiled
Smart Gate
More on Cognitec FaceVACS
Macrovisions new Anti P2P weapon
So-net "Mobile VOD" Service "Portable TV"
What's really holding back Hollywood
PAL to NTSC convertor
P2P VOD and Video Streaming
Intesting Links

September 2005

Help Wanted in Bangalore
BitTorrent gets VC Funding
Not all screens are created Equal
HDFEST New York to be World's First DivX HD Film Festival
D-Cinema in 3D
Fibre Channel - Audio Video (FC-AV)
Intel Viiv
Fight over Next-Gen DVD is on.
Digital cinema - SMPTE conference
Streaming of 4K Digital Cinema
Streaming Media West
Government Video Expo 2005
New Breed of Corrupt Torrent Infiltrates BitTorrent
Cool Links

August 2005

Converting old media to DVD
Largest US Anime Distributor Goes BitTorrent
Video Podcasting
Wanted Livecam DEMO site
CMP NetSeminars - IPTV set top box design
Triple Play Seminar.
TI Calculators Play Movies
Inlet Technologies Touts Latest Encoding System
Cool Links

July 2005

Camera Phones Impact on the News
NTSC to ATSC, US move to DTV
300,000 digital TVs sold in France
Ultimate Dual Screen Setup
Ultimate Multi-Screen Setup NASA Hyperwall
Google Launches Pay-Per-View Web Video
The Prince of Movie Piracy
Intel Digital Home & ClickStar
Panoramic images using CCTV Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras.
On the Subject of PTZ
P2P gives TV show new lease on life

June 2005

DTV tuners by March 2006
Star Wars Wars
Video for Skype
AOL Open Sourcing Audio & Video Code
Sharp to sell world's largest LCD TV
Cool Links
Video Chat
Independent Video in the Information Age
Archos Widescreen PMP
Softier's IPTV Platform & Developers Kit
Perspecta Walk Around 3D Display

May 2005

The Broadcast Flag is Dead.
DVD's are selling 2x over Cinema
Peer to Peer Internet Video Broadcasting
Watching Big Brother
Star Wars Wars
BBC begins tests of P2P TV
DV Expo East
Seeing Around Corners With Dual Photography
RGBCMY based video system
Printable OLED Display Technology
Yahoo Big play
Apple Video
AOL Music, SonyBMG in web video deal
Cool Links

April 2005

3D Cinema
DG2L Wins Contract for World's Largest DCinema Deployment
USB On-The-Go (OTG)
VLC & European Patents
Al Gore's new Internet TV
Logitech MSN Webcam Codec Reverse-Engineered
Aussie TV Networks Fight BitTorrent
Google Experiments with Video Blogging
Philip's Trimedia processors for Sale
MTV launches online video channel
Siemens buys Internet video software company Myrio
The Rocky TiVo-DirecTV Relationship
Sony to Make an "iTunes for Movies"
MS Launches Video Download Service
Local Internet TV Takes Off In Austria

March 2005

IPTV 2005 Conference and Microsoft Settle
Samsung Unveils 82 Inch LCD
Streaming Media East 2005
Microwires Can Replace The DVD-ROM
DVHS on a Budget
Ask Slashdot: Pay-Per-View Downloads of TV Shows?
TiVo vs Microsoft vs HDTV Cable
Old Film to DVD Transfers Examined
Build Your Own TV Without Broadcast Flags
LiveCD Lets You Try Out Project Looking Glass
UK to Build Network of 150 Digital Cinemas
Apple Backing Away From FireWire
Apple to Buy TiVo?
MPAA Changes Home Theater Hacks
DDi Digital Player
Privacy Filters for LCD's
IPTV Product & Projects
CAMit & i-Cam phoneline camera

February 2005

Video Monitoring of Railway Intersections
Video Vigilante
Flash Video Development
Serial burglar caught on webcam
4 ch 30 fps DVR system only 170 USD
The Demise of the Video Store?
Mitsubishi LED Projector: Small, Cheap, Durable
Can P2P save StarTrek Enterprise?
RedBox DVD Vending
Box Office Express, AED
Leave a message:
Alpha Spacecom - Digital Cinema in China

January 2005

Google Moves Into Video
SBC dials video
Spanish police nab suspected creator of webcam Trojan
Exposed Web Surveillance Cams
Monitors - LCD vs. CRT
An Analysis of the Skype Protocol
Bollywood New Releases Available via Video-On-Demand
Plasma's out, Hello SED
VCD and SVCD formats
P2P Video Streaming
IPTV snip from CES
Report on VideoNow Color
Cisco and Sun Tuning Into Video?
Apple looking for Video People

December 2004

TV over Phone Lines
Coming soon: Google TV?
Event Calendar
Interesting Links
Mattel responds to Hasbro's VideoNow
Kazaa mounts Betamax defence
The Sony HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1 HDV Camcoder
HDV Format
Depth Edge Detection
H.264 HDTV

November 2004

Video over TCP/IP
Ignoring the Broadcast Flag
H.264 & IPTV over DSL
DALSA to Launch Digital Cinema Center / First 4K Camera
Retroreflective Materials
HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray
JVC Everio
TV on Cellphones.
Here's one I bet you didn't know about - Technicolor Digital Cinema
Digital Video Editors
Digital Cable High-Def Ready Recorders

October 2004

Exploding TV - about the birth of IPTV VOD
Intel Cancels LCOS Development
Adoption of WMV9 hits some snags
SBC and Microsoft to Provide HDTV Over IP
The Universal Off Button
Engadget Interviews TiVo CEO
HDTV Recorders where are they at now.
Microsoft Bringing TV to Xbox
DVB-T STB/MPEG2 Player That Can Access SMB Shares
Distress Signal Emitted By Flat-Screen TV
Panasonic AJ-HDC27V HD Cinema camera
Online Movie Pay Per view.
Sony Professional Disk Blue Laser Optical format
Defeating MacroVision
Samsung to use sub-pixel VGA screens
Digital Cinema transmitted by satellite
Sony, Matsushita, Sharp to launch Blu-ray Disc camcorders in 2005
Digital Cinema Comes to India
Fisher FVD-C1
Great Links
TI plans live TV for mobile phones

September 2004

ASIS show Dallas Sep 27-30 2004
Other upcomming Conferences
Microsoft JPEG Security Hole
SVP (Secure Video Processor) Video CopyProtection
Theora Codec Ported to Java
Sony Begins OLED Display Production
Windows Media Player 10 Released
Microsoft Codec Required For Blu-Ray Players
More Blue-Ray News
3D LCD Technology
Video Software Development services
Multiple output video cards
More Rambling on Digital Cinema
CEDIA Expo 2004
200 GigaByte Writable CD storage.
Article goes here
DTV Transition Coming Fast
ASTC stands for "Any Television Standard or Computer"
Prince's / Regal CineMedia HD Simulcasting
VOD To the Home - Moviebeam
ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0
Point-Of-Sale Video Advertising Network
Elevator Video Advertising Network
Litefast Holographic Graphics Display
Multiple Monitors and video in MS Windows
Video Resolution table updated
QUXGA 3840x2400 Ultra High Res LCD's
The State of Digital Cinema

August 2004

Try our new Chat room.
ACM SIGGRAPH is happeing this week - Nyx Illuminated Clothing - Video Clothing
Digital Cinema System Specification - DCI
Ralph's TV coming to a supermarket near you.
High Res IP Video Cam
Hasbro VideoNow PVD now in Color
Blu-ray Standard takes a Step Forward
360 Degree view camera

July 2004

First IPV6 Network Camera
Microsoft's Media Center PC
Toshiba/Matsushita Release Cellphone TV Display
Macromedia Flash Video Streaming and FlashCast
Other PVR alternatives
View TV on your Computer Monitor - ViewSonic NextVision N6

July 2004

Digital Cinema comming of age. - Tech behind StarWars
360 Degree View Video Cameras
Beyond Megapixels
Portable Media Players
Sony Projector Gets Bright Images From Black Screen
HD digital media player - Roku
Interesting Links
Video Technology HDTV & DVR Section comming soon

May 2004

Vorbis And Musepack Win 128kbps Audio Test
H.264 and MPEG-4 Video Compression, Book
Video on CellPhones is coming of age.
H.264/Advanced Video Coding - Seminar
Heat Problem Solved for PVR Manufacturers
Osprey® Video Capture
Windows Media 9 isn't just Microsoft anymore.
New HDTV Cable companies are poping up
Comparison of top codecs
What is HomePNA?
Writers Wanted
Video Related Domains for Sale
Streaming Internet Content: The Failing All or Nothing Strategy
ECCA Releases Technical Specification for a Basic Digital Set Top Box
Interesting Links

February 2004

25% of people in the US think they own an HDTV already!
Nisvara - Silent computers and Heat Management
Brazil Takes Lead in All-Digital Cinema Projection
Writers Wanted
What is EDTV?
Pioneer Acquires NEC's Plasma Division
Hasbro VideoNow PVD - Personal Video Disk Player
This article still under construction
Amiga Video Toaster software source code released
Build your own PVR from scratch

January 2004

Sony DCR-VX2100 HDTV CamCorder
Windows Media High-Definition Video - WMVHD
Make NTSC/PAL look like HDTV
Toshiba HD DVD Technology

November 2003

Video Resolution of different formats
8VSB 8-level vestigial sideband modulation
Super-thin Pliable Electronic Display

September 2003

Ultra High Definition Video (UHDV)
First HDTV Camcorder
Economics of Video and the Internet
HDTV Forum - November 11-13 in Marina Del Ray
Cell Phones get 3D graphics Capabilities
Cellphone 3G Wireless + H.324 = 3G-324M
Dueling video codecs square off at broadcast conference
OpenSource Video Deinterlacing
Video Related Domains for Sale
Extending 2.4 GHz wireless video links
LiveCam Video Streaming Source Code Now Available
Error correction Technology over the Internet

June 2003

Silent Computing
Economics of Video and the Internet
IPV6 Conference June 24-27
Video Related Domains for Sale
LiveCam Video Streaming Source Code Now Available
Error correction Technology over the Internet
Writers Wanted

Febuary 2003

Acacia Patents claimes ownership of streaming media
Silence Please!
Napster's Revenge
New Bill: More Digital TV Limits