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IEEE honors Micronas chief scientist for development of digital high-definition TV in North America
Richard Citta, chief scientist at Micronas, has been presented with the 2006 IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award

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2006 Tradeshows
I have put together a list of all tradeshows that would have things of interest with digital video.

It covers everything from Digital Cinema, 3GPP CellPhone video, CCTV and Security, DTV and HDTV, CATV Cable TV, Machine Vision, image processing, Medical Imaging, IPTV. Check it out.

Digital Video Tradeshows

For Sale: OEM DVR Hardware Compression Source Code

For Sale: OEM DVR Hardware Compression “Source Code”

Since 1995 Proprietary Access Control Enterprises, Inc. (PACE) has been a systems integration company specializing in corporate security. In 2004 it created an OEM product division called Digital Video Resources to share in the profits of the booming DVR surveillance market. This division has newly developed an 8 and16 channel audio/video hardware compressed DVR system that on average utilizes less than 2% of the main CPU time. This is done using the on-board audio/video compression abilities of the Thakral capture card and can both live view and record at 480 frames per second. Due to an acquisition and new business focus, PACE is selling off the Digital Video Resources division. Included with this sale are all website and marketing materials that have been created around the hardware compressed DVR systems.

Platform: Microsoft Windows XP
IDE: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Best Feature: User interface is very easy to learn
Price: $25k USD. Offers are being accepted.

Manufacturer of the hardware compressed capture cards:

16-channel DVR system product sheet:
DVR MC-480 Product Sheet

Demonstration remote software for download:
DVR MC Client Software

For further information contact:
Raymond Downs
(714) 402-7223

Matrixstream H.264 IPTV Box
Matrixstream has released one of the first Video on Demand and IPTV Set Top Box (STB) for 1080P ( 1920 x 1080 ). It supports H.264 , MPEG4 AVC, Sreaming Video and VOD, as well as Data over Powerline. Matrixstream also has e-commerce capabilities tied to thier dynamic advertising management (DAM) technology, which targets advertising based on individual user.s preferences and interests.


Phamlet and Datasheet

Screen Shots

If you would like to see Matrixstream's high definition video on demand and IPTV platform in action Matrixstream will be at booth 26824 in South Hall 2 at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas ( January 5th - 8th, 2006 ).

MatrixStream will be making the 1020HD available for trials in late January 2006 with a consumer edition scheduled for production by the end of the first quarter of 2006. In addition to its STB efforts, MatrixStream will be also launching its IMX1100 PC Player in late January 2006 from a client.s website, .Movie 99. ( The PC Player will feature over 300 free channels from around the world and 150 free DVD and HD quality movie clips.

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
Police car video cameras can now read license plates automatically. A new system developed by Motorola Inc. and PIPS Technology continuously scans viewable plates and checks them against a database.

Called Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), the technology installed in police cars "reads" vehicle plates as they enter the view of a vehicle-mounted or roadside infrared camera, and checks them against a database for nearly instantaneous identification. The system runs continuously, automatically capturing images of license plates with a camera that works in nearly every lighting condition.

"This technology is completely automated and built into the car's operation, so it requires no action on the part of the police officer to capture the plate numbers and have them verified. It is not something the officer has to initiate," said Steve Most, multimedia business director, Motorola radio systems division, in a statement.

Previous technologies required officers to manually type in a plate number and request a database search for each number, which can be time consuming and prone to errors.

Before bringing the ALPR system into Motorola's product portfolio, Motorola (Schaumburg, Ill.) worked with PIPS (Hampshire, U.K.) to further ruggedize its license plate technology to meet Motorola specifications for mission critical public safety communications in the United States.

On a personal Note here I was tagged using one of these systems in San Jose about 5 years ago, it was amasing watching the plate numbers of every car that rolled past show up on a laptop with Color coded indicators as to how bad the marks against the plate number or owner of the cars data base records indicated.

Motorola, Press Release

Cradle - Video Streamer with Automatic License Plate Recognition I mention Cradle last month with there Video DSP's

Appian - they have a great video clip on this

Video blog sites
From Bill Crawford
I saw another couple of these video blog sites that pay for videos uploaded.
they tag the upload and attach an ad on the end of video
everyone that looks at or sends it to their friend counts toward payment.
amount varies with the advertiser. this seems like a good idea.
One of these has 1.5 m startup the other a interesting programmer.
anyway, it seems that theirs plenty of room for more players.
I was just wondering how difficult it is to setup such a service?
scale load etc ...
-- cya

Looks like Flash Video, excellent Quality, mostly Asian stuff.
I need to find someone who know's how to back end the flash video.

EyeBud 800

Gary Jones wearing and EyeBud

eMagin Corp, a company that makes video imaging technology for military and industrial uses, has adapted its expertise to create a first of its kind headset accessory for the 5G iPod which displays video in front of one eye. "Suddenly you've got this big-screen, movie-screen, home-theater experience, wherever you are," said Gary Jones, eMagin's president and CEO. Due to the EyeBud's close proximity to one's field of vision; it can produce a visual image similar to viewing a 105-inch display from a distance of 12 feet. Priced at $599, the EyeBud is more than the top of the line iPod's available. It is expected to be released in July.

This is one of the technologies that a friend of mine's company Charmed Inc. demonstrates at its "Brave New Unwired World Fashion Shows"

By the Way: I have a whole page deticated to how goofy these displays look like , I am really poking fun at "augmented reality".

iPod Video Formats and Display Resolutions - The Complete Guide to iPod Video Formats and Display Resolutions
The article talks about "picking the right format and resolution for your videos" which is not easy and the choices end up with two some what similar codecs: MPEG-4 or H.264.

This all just adds to the confusion over codec naming, You thank Microsoft for that.
MPEG4 = MPEG4 ASP = MPEG4 SP (Simple Profile) = ITU H.263
MPEG4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) = MPEG4 Part 10 = ITU H.264

See my MPEG4 site for more info. Basically H.264 does a better job at compression but uses more CPU to record and playback. I suspect the iPod would be limited in its CPU power and I would expect it to have trouble playing High Resolution H.264 Clips.

The article incorrectly states "H.264, an emerging standard first released publicly by Apple with its QuickTime 7 software", H.264 is a new standard but was in use long before Apple jumped in.

Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline

Into Tomorrow This is a Consumer Electronics and Technology talk Show I bumped into at CES. Its broadcast on over 100 radio stations, worldwide on the Armed Forces Radio Networks and also heard on Sirius and XM satellite radio. This 3-hour radio program airs LIVE every Sunday from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. ET. Award winning broadcaster Dave Graveline hosts this popular show to bring listeners an entertaining glimpse on how technology is changing the way we live, work and play.

For more information, please visit

To Tune in select open URL in with Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, WinAmp, or iTunes. It uses Shoutcast.


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Film and Video Tape Conversion to DVD

WMF files can run malicious code!
The Windows Meta File (WMF) zero-day (0-day) exploit is apparently, VERY nasty, no user intervention required (unless running firefox or opera). Just VISITING a malicous site (viewing a malicious email with image) would be enough to get the system pOwned(compomised).

Ken Dunham, director of the rapid response team at iDefense, said today that WMF exploitation "has started to take off in the wild". He said that "dozens, if not hundreds" of sites exploiting the hole are likely to be reported in the coming days and weeks. Don't think that this problem is just confined to Windows metafiles. Dunham said that iDefense analysed a live sample of a WMF attack spread via email and disguised as a JPG file. He said it was fully functional and downloaded and installed a variant of a trojan called Bifrose.

The "Windows Meta File" format or WMF commonly used for video in videoclip.wmf files the new security hole will allow executable code within the video file to run.

Microsoft Security Advisory (912840) Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution.

Exploit Released for Unpatched Windows Flaw

Windows WMF exploit remains grave threat

Already there is an Intant Messaging Worm spreading across the internet using this hole.

Slashdot - New IM Worm Exploiting WMF Vulnerability

This is just one more of many problems where both of Microsofts .asf's and .wmf's video file formats are already dangerous, lanunching web pages that can also take over a users systems and install spyware popups and other things that will very quickly render a users computer useless.

Windows users can disable the rendering of WMF files using the following hack:
1. Click on the Start button on the taskbar.
2. Click on Run...
3. Type "regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll" to disable.
4. Click ok when the change dialog appears

WMF Vulnerability is an Intentional Backdoor?
From Slashdot 1/13/2006 :
"Steve Gibson alleges that the WMF vulnerability in Windows was neither a bug, nor a feature designed without security in mind, but was actually an intentionally placed backdoor. In a more detailed explanation, Gibson explains that the way SetAbortProc works in metafiles does not bear even the slightest resemblance to the way it works when used by a program while printing. Based on the information presented, it really does look like an intentional backdoor." There's a transcript available of the 'Security Now!' podcast where Gibson discusses this.

World's First 102" Full HD PDP
At CES 2006, although it probably just for show, Samsung had on Display there 102 Inch Plasma Display Panel that they first showed in late September 05.

See larger image

2,310mm x 1,315mm Size
1920x1080 Resolution
2000:1 Contrast in a Dark Room
12 Bit color, producing 68.7 Billion Colors
102 Inch Mother Glass can provide 4 50 Inch panels with one progressive process
See the placard that was next to the display

LG and Samsung has been competing to see who can produce the largest PDP's for some time now.

ITO (Indium Tin Oxyde) electrodes are transparent to the visible light. Usualy there is a layer of Copper laid down in the thing strip next to it to ensure good electrical conductivity. Apparently the New Samsung PDP uses some new technique I don't understand yet to eliminate the ITO layer improving light output. I'll let you know when I get someone to explain this to me.

Samsung PDP technology Overview

Another great site about PDP technology

Although I didn't see it apparently Panasonic now holds the record for largest with a 103 Inch panel one display at the CES Show also.
Panasonic 103" PDP

At last check the largest TFT-LED is 82" and largest OLED is 40". I found out reciently one of the largest problems with OLED is the Blue Phospher has a short life (under 10,000 hours) and fades faster then the other colors. I had great hopes for OLED, if they get the chemistry right It may still prevail.

SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display)
Canon and Toshiba formed a joint venture, SED Inc. in late 2004. SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) is a new type of flat Panel Display technology.

The Toshiba and Canon Booths at CES this month had 2 720P SED displays on demonstration. Canon Called it 36" while Toshiba called it a 37". They claim to have 100,000:1 Contrast Ratio the picture quality seemed to be much better then LCD or Plasma. It was noticed that one of the displays had a bad pixel on it. They expect to have 55" 1080p displays on sale in the US by next year.

The Engineer Behind Microsoft's TV Strategy
From Slashdot:
"A high-energy engineer named Joe Belfiore, age 37, has led Microsoft's Media Center team for four years. The effort has gained momentum in the past year, the Wall Street Journal reports, bolstering Microsoft's defense against a challenge from Apple's Front Row for control of home-entertainment software. 'The Apple threat seems menacing, in part because of recent history: Its iPod was a late entry in an established field of digital music players but soon stole the lion's share of the market,' the WSJ writes. At Microsoft, Front Row is already causing ripples: [Bill] Gates in an email to Mr. Belfiore asked why Apple's remote control had just six buttons. The standard Media Center remote from Microsoft has 39 buttons. (Mr. Belfiore's explanation: Front Row computers don't have TV or digital video recorder functions and thus don't need as many buttons.) At stake is more than just another piece of software for home computers. Both companies, and others, are trying to build the foundational technology for all home digital entertainment.'"

Apple Sues in iTunes Patent Dispute
From Slashdot:
", a patent holder of many patents covering streaming video and time-shifting of video, has been sued by Apple after license negotiations broke down. Apple is asking the court to invalidate's patents. is the same company that successfully sued Microsoft over patent infringements. Many comparisons will likely be made of NTP and, but actually has useful technology, has owned the patents for over a decade, and most importantly, actually had highly regarded products that made use of the patents."

HD DVD Demo a Disappointment
From Slashdot:
The recent unveiling of the new Toshiba HD DVD production model met with a few difficulties. From the article: "It was supposed to be the grand unveiling of a new generation in home entertainment when Kevin Collins of Microsoft Corp. popped an HD DVD disc into a Toshiba production model and hit 'play.' Nothing happened. The failed product demo at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show was hardly an auspicious start for the HD DVD camp in what's promising to be a nasty format war similar to the Betamax/VHS video tape battle."

A Look at Google DRM
From Slashdot:
"The Register is reporting on Google's recent announcement of their own DRM. From the article: 'Google's DRM will make its first appearance as part of a new video downloading service. Page revealed that customers will be able to buy TV shows from CBS, NBA basketball games and a host of other content with Google serving as the delivery broker for the video. This move mimics other technology companies - most notably Apple - which have struck deals with large media houses to send video over the web for a fee.' "

AOL Buys Video Search Firm
From Slashdot:
" is reporting that America Online has purchased From the article: 'Truveo has a proprietary technology called visual crawling that lets it automatically discover video files on Web pages, enabling customers to see updated information on news, sports and entertainment. The acquisition, which closed Dec. 21, was AOL's fifth last year. News of the deal wasn't released until Tuesday. Terms were not disclosed.' Note that the deal closed the same week that Google bought a 5% stake in AOL, in part to collaborate on video technology."

Hackers Rebel Against Spy Cams
From Slashdot:
Wired is running an article looking at the little ways in which Austrian technology users are striking back against surveillance. From the article: "Members of the organization worked out a way to intercept the camera images with an inexpensive, 1-GHz satellite receiver. The signal could then be descrambled using hardware designed to enhance copy-protected video as it's transferred from DVD to VHS tape. The Quintessenz activists then began figuring out how to blind the cameras with balloons, lasers and infrared devices. And, just for fun, the group created an anonymous surveillance system that uses face-recognition software to place a black stripe over the eyes of people whose images are recorded."

Voice Privacy
Sonare Technologies introduced Babble a the CES show. Babble a voice privacy device that makes it possible for people to have confidential telephone conversations in their cubicles - and not be overheard by their coworkers. Or at least, not be heard in a voice that is decipherable.

"It multiplies your voice. I think that's a good way of characterizing it," said Bill DeKruif, president of Sonare Technologies, which is based in Chicago. "It randomizes your voice and sends your randomized voice out with your natural voice (that's speaking) and the combination of those voices is impossible to decipher."

Unlike white noise or acoustic tiles, which dilute or dampen sound, Babble addresses the issue of privacy head on, by zeroing in on individual voices. More simply put, the Babble box turns your voice into a small group of people, each of whom has your voice.

"It works on the premise that the human brain tunes into single voices. We can't decipher multiple streams of information," said DeKruif

I think this device will really find great applications with Video Confrencing.

Live Mobile Phone Streaming
Mobile Streaming Solutions announces its new application for live mobile streaming from web cams with two-way text chat

San Francisco, Ca, Mobile Streaming Solutions a technology leader in developing mobile video application has created a live mobile video streaming application with two-way text chat which is capable of streaming content from web cams or network cameras to mobile devices around the world. The application has the ability to take any content from the web, such as live web cams or on-demand video, process those streams on-the-fly and send them to a mobile phone all in real time, all over the world. The application also has the capability of two-way txt chat between the person at the web cam and the mobile phone user. In addition, MSS has developed a mobile handset player or client to overcome several problems inherent other players. MSS. player has the ability for the server to dynamically update an easy to use play list i.e. what or who is playing, so users can scroll through what.s new to view as content may change at the host site. Major Features: . Easy to use . Takes existing live web cam streams, transcodes & streams to mobile devices. No need to reconfigure your existing infrastructure. . Web sites now have a new revenue stream by leveraging existing internet business to mobile . Two-way text chat for interpersonal relationship . Dynamically updated player.

For more information e-mail:, or call Telephone:1-510-673-7779

Interesting Links
CMP Video/Imaging Design Line

1stVision Firewire and high end USB Cameras

Samsung 3D display Overview

Samsung display technology overview

Chyron provider of broadcast graphics hardware, software and associated services to the television industry.
They also offer ChyTV Video Signage and Public Space Television

Chyron is sort of a compeditor to GlobalStreams (formerly Play) that makes the GlobeCaster (formerly Trinity), and NewTek TriCaster that GlobalStreams spun off from.

IPTV Directions


ObjectCube Video On Demand and DRM services

Digital Signage Consumer Electronics Association same people who put on the CES Show.

Other odds and ends
Hey I just found out that Akimbo, means standing with hands on hips.

[10:18] SVTM: for , DOCSIS pertains tro the Cable Card Standard for Integrated TV's , Cable Labs (website)

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