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DTV tuners by March 2006
The Federal Communications Commission on June 9 refused to delay the introduction of digital tuners in new TV receivers. Instead the FCC has moved the dates for the 50% deadline on mid-size TVs forward by four months! The date for full compliance with the 50% rule is now March 1, 2006. They also moved up the dates for > 36" sets to July 1, 06 and > 13" by Dec 31, 06, the target date to end all Analog TV broadcast.

"Today's order makes clear that [the FCC] is committed to moving the digital transition forward," Commissioner Michael Copps said in a statement. "Each time a consumer purchases a set with a digital tuner, we move one step closer towards accomplishing the transition." (1)

DTV uses 8VSB modulation, I have a site that explains that.

Much of the Motivation for the move to DTV is also to free up the low radio spectrum.

Star Wars Wars
StarWars Wars
Article on the Boot leg release of Star Wars III ,Revenge of the Sith

Video for Skype
A European company, Dialcom has a plugin which works with Skype, will provided end to end encrypted video that will work behind NATs, proxies and firewalls. Currently only supports Windows

A report on SlashDot:
I was using Yahoo! messenger for video and skype for the voice but video4skype seems quite better than Yahoo!

Dialcom has other video products, and offices in Germany, Spain and Portugal.

vSkype this is another Video plugin for Skype from Santa Cruz Networks product is in Beta

AOL Open Sourcing Audio & Video Code
BetaNews says that AOL is open sourcing Winamp AVS and Milkdrop, two popular Winamp plug-ins, and its Ultravox streaming media platform (the successor to Shoutcast). 'Despite helping to launch the Mozilla Foundation and releasing the code to its AOL Server software, America Online has never been synonymous with open source. But a number of new initiatives could change AOL's proprietary image, as the company strives to reach a broader audience on the open Web.' The next-generation AIM release will also be an open platform, which AOL says 'could rival even Mozilla due to its scale and the massive AIM user base.

Article Here

Sharp to sell world's largest LCD TV
Sharp's new Aquos 65-inch LCD Screen has a resolution of 1920x1080 and truly produces a 1080i HDTV image. They initialy will only produce 300 units per month, It will sell for $15,520 USD (United States Dollars) List price.
Photo Here

LG Electronics, for example, currently markets a 55-inch LCD television for about $19,000 USD.

Samsung Electronics announced it had developed an 82-inch LCD panel. No mention of when it will go into production.

As a comparision 65-inch plasma display are now available for around $10,000 USD.

Matsushita (Panasonic TH-65PHD7UY) has a 65-inch plasma display, for example, that can only display 1366x768 resolution. This is slightly over WXGA.

Samsung has the largest plasma TV with an amazing 102-inch diagonal model, the Z-102, will also do 1920x1080. Price is expected to be over $100,000 USD

Most LCD larger then 42 inches can product 1920x1080 but for plasma display don't reach this resolution until 71 inches (> $40K US).

More reading, CES Report
We Did It Because We Can A Look at Consumer Displays - 2005 (PPT)

Cool Links
CD/DVD Duplication guide

MPEG4 events

China Shapes Up for IPTV Boom

Forensic Video Image Analysis

Digital Watermarking

E-commercials on the Internet - Streaming Video

IPTV Video Headend Forecast Shows Sharp Shift in 2007 to MPEG-4

Disposable video camera: $29.99 Drugstore chain CVS to launch first-ever disposable video camera in Northeast stores this week.

Apple vows to make podcasting easier

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Video Chat
Picurephone, 1964 Internet Video Chat was something we pioneered in 1996 with the early CuSee Me, and Livecam Systems. Although Video chat dates back to the 1964, with Demo at the Worlds Fair in New York, the Electronic Cafe experiments using Satellite links in the 1970's, and later things like H.261 over ISDN and Deticated T1 Lines.

With level of high speed internet and fast computers, the number of video confrencing and "video chat" applications is exploding.
There are plenty of standards for video confrencing, but few of these application conform to any. The Big players (AOL, Yahoo & Microsoft) think they will become the defacto standard by pushing everyone else out.

I would love some feedback as to what people are using these days:

  • Apple's iChat
  • Gnome Meeting
  • H.261, H.263, H.323, H.324
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft Netmeeting

Drop me a line in the Video Chat Room and let me know your experiances, and what your using.
Don't worry if there's on one in there to chat with. I'll still get it.

JLS (Editor)

Also see my A history of video conferencing Page.


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Independent Video in the Information Age
Submitted by Dave Childers of

This article covers two free video streaming formats.
Nullsoft video and Theora
Read Article Here

I will be putting together a article on video podcasting next.

Archos Widescreen PMP
Archos has just announced their newest portable audio/video player the AV 700 Mobile DVR. The new unit has a 480x234 pixel widecreen display, a hub to record from TV and DVD, and offers a 100GB drive. It's heavy though weighing in at over a pound.
Cost is $799 for the 100GB model and $599 for the 40GB.

Softier's IPTV Platform & Developers Kit
Softier of Sunnyvale, Ca. make a really cool IPTV Set Top Box Kit.

Softier IP-Set Top Box

Softier IP-STB Platform Hardware

  • TI DM642 DSP with 16 MB Flash and 64 MB SDRAM
  • Composite and S-Video outputs (RGB, YPbPr and LCD interfaces are available in custom versions )
  • Composite video input
  • Stereo audio - Input and Output
  • Ethernet- 10/100baseT (RJ45)
  • USB 2.0 Host, Device and OTG interfaces
It supports an embedded Linux, MPEG2, WMV9, H.263, H.264, MPEG4, AAC, AC3, MP3, BMP, GIF, JPEG.
(ATA, Firewire and Wi-Fi are available on custom versions)

Perspecta Walk Around 3D Display
Actuality Systems of Burlington, MA make the Perspecta 3D display, demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2004.

Another View here

The Perspecta display is a goldfish bowl like device that displays moving images in such a way that they seem to "float" within the display.

To display the image, software inside the Perspecta chops a 3D model generated by the computer into 198 separate pieces, like slices of cake, which are then projected onto a rotating plastic screen in quick succession by a graphics accelerator that feeds image slices to an optical system mounted below the screen. The result looks to the viewer like a 3D image composed of 100 million "volume pixels" or "voxels".

see Mechanical view

Too bad it $40,000 US

New Scientist
Engadet article

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