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Converting old media to DVD
Every decade or so I need to take some time out to transfer all my old videos, film, tape backup and hard drives over to the next new media. After about 10 years, the glue that binds magnetic tape together gets gummy and fails, drive just die for any number of reasons, and film also decays, so converting these up to CD and now DVD is important if you wish to preserve them. Also it becomes harder and harder with time find hardware to play back old media like project film, and old tape formats. Everything from QIC-40, Umatic, BetaCam, 9 Track, Super 8 and other old media is increasingly harder to find anything to play these back on. By transferring everything to DVD and DVD-Rom this data now becomes very easy to access, edit, catalog and retrieve when needed in the future.

I have found that creating and converting old media to DVD has been a real technical challenge, older VHS tapes, gum up the players, and stretch. Time base correction is often needed to make a high quality copy, and this is beyond the capabilities of most hobbyist.

As a result the Services group of Video Technology has created a media conversion group that specialized in converting almost anything into DVD and DVD-Rom.

List of formats

More info can be found at

Largest US Anime Distributor Goes BitTorrent
The New York Times reports that 'ADV Films, the largest distributor of anime in the United States is releasing promotional packages via the BitTorrent.'

The use of BitTorrent is already extremely popular among anime fans who trade films that are unavailable outside of Japan as well as their own subtitled versions, known as fansubs.

The company's first experiment with a Madlax torrent in July was so well-received that ADV is launching the bonus promotional packages for upcoming releases Gilgamesh and Goddanar.

The question is will other distributors and studios follow ADV's example or stick to their current distribution models?

Video Podcasting
By Dave Childers

Producing your own video content and distributing it over the Internet can now be done without the need for expensive hardware or complicated software.  Podcasting allows anyone to make video content available for downloading and viewing at a later time.  You can also transfer the video to portable media devices.

The original audio Podcasting concept was developed by Adam Curry.  It was created as a alternative content distribution method that allows people to produce and distribute audio programming.  Video is a recently added feature.

Video Podcasting is the combination of video files made available for download, a specialized xml file and software capable of reading the xml file.  The xml file is known as Real Simple Syndication.

Each video Podcast publisher creates a unique Real Simple Syndication ( which is more commonly known as RSS ) file.  The purpose of the RSS file is to describe the video, distinguish it from other publisher.s material, presenting the most current content available and allowing people to subscribe to individual Podcast .stations..

Anyone with a Internet connection and access to a web host that allows media file and xml file hosting, is capable of distributing their own video content with Podcasting.

Peer to Peer data transfer can be used to distribute the video Podcast media files and minimize bandwidth requirements.  Bittorrent and Dijjer are both open source software applications that can be used for Peer to Peer Podcast distribution.

Creating a video Podcast is very easy. Video can be recorded using free or low cost software.  Web cams or digital cameras can be used to capture video imaging.  The .raw. video can then be edited using open source or free software.  The completed video can then be encoded using open source video codecs, such as VP3, Theora or Dirac, to compress the video and optimize it for Internet distribution.  Free software can also be used to create the RSS files.

Video Podcasting does not require special server distribution software such as Internet broadcasting does. There are no technical restrictions on the types of video encoding formats available for video Podcasting.

Additional Resources

How to guide for video podcasting : ( )

Video Podcasting Refereneces  : ( )

Promote your video podcast : ( )

Dave Childers is a freelance Internet broadcast consultant, writer, and
the webmaster of <>, the Winamp TV /
NullSoft video information website.  *You can contact him at sankt (at)
scvi dot net.* ( <>)


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Wanted Livecam DEMO site

I am looking for a location where I can install a DSL or Cable Modem where there is a good view, maybe a park or highway, maybe a shopping mall or store even. This would be for an official demo for the newest Livecam Streaming server.

Past Livecam views

The newest livecam supports 4 analog cameras and outputs JPEG server push video streams on from a FreeBSD based PC. IT can also stream 2 audio channels, although the demo will not include audio or at most will have a Radio Tuner card for FM radio.

Anyone interested in providing a home for this video server please contact me. Contact page

CMP NetSeminars - IPTV set top box design
CMP NetSeminars put on interactive streaming media presentations using ON24. This is using Streaming audio, slides, chat, and possible streaming video.

This specific presentation is :
Requirements impacting IPTV set top box design
Wednesday, August 24, 2005 11:00 am PDT/2:00 pm EDT

Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) and Freescale Semiconductor -- will examine and discuss architectural and system-level requirements impacting STB design.

Register Here

Triple Play Seminar.
Spirent Communications having free seminar Thursday, Aug 25 in San Diego on Triple Play. Part of this seminar will be talking about IPTV. If you are doing any kind of Triple Play development I highly recommend this seminar.

Here is the link to register for this seminar. Register Here

TI Calculators Play Movies
TI Calculator enthusiasts rejoice. A few weeks ago, Dan Englender released a new flash application usb8x. Usb8x is a driver that interfaces with the On-the-Go USB port in the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. It is designed to be used by other programmers to create drivers for a variety of USB peripherals, including a keyboard and mouse. Already,'s own Michael Vincent has interfaced his Lexar JumpDrive to play The Matrix's famous lobby scene.

Inlet Technologies Touts Latest Encoding System
By Julio Monroy
Raleigh, North Carolina's Inlet Technologies recently announced the latest release of it's professional VC-1 video encoding system, Fathom 2.0. Fathom features fast, hardware-based video compression using a proprietary 2-pass technology. A plugin PCI adapter is required, and is probably quite costly.

Inlet was founded by a couple of ex-Sun Microsystem guys, Neal Page and Scott Labrozzi.

Some might recall that back in 2004 Sun called off the dogs of war against Microsoft -- to the tune of a $2 billion settlement. So would it surprise you that Inlet's Fathom[1], "[..] was the first real-time high-definition encoding solution for [Microsoft] Windows Media Video HD content.[..]"?

A company curiously named Akimbo is one of Inlet's customers, and claims to be, "[..] the first company to deliver video-on-demand to any television via a broadband-Internet connection [..]" Akimbo's CEO Josh Goldman says this about Inlet, "I think Inlet is one of the hottest technology companies out there." Robert Hammer, Akimbo's VP of Finance has some Hollywood connections by virtue of his many past ventures, including producing, writing and directing motion pictures, documentaries, videos and commercials. Among his credits are the videos for "The Monkees" and "Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young," and commercials for KFC and McDonalds.

One should note that Akimbo's content delivery system utilizes Microsoft's very own Digital Rights Management.

Microsoft and Hollywood in bed? Naaaahhhhhhh.........

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Editors Note - VC-1 is the SMPTE VC-1 Standard for Television ("VC-1 Standard") was formerly referred to as the VC-9 Standard. This is based on the Microsoft Window Media 9 Codec, WM9.

More information is available from MPEG LA.

Cool Links this run a Java Applet and test your internet connection quality for streaming video.

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