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From the Editor

For years, my friends and I have been researching different areas of technology and video for business and personal interests. From VOIP (voice over IP) to VPN (virtual private network) technologies, we've seen the industry advance quite a bit over the years. Some of this research would either go into starting a new companies or new products for someone else's company, but, more often then not, it would just collect in some filing cabinet and gather dust until it became too outdated.

So after many many years of this, I finally decided to do something about it. I created this site to share what myself and others were researching. This effort has been very productive and allow much more interaction and insider information then I have had previously, as well as giving me a much better insite into the industry.

I hope you all benefit from this information and please contribute as much as possible.

- The Editor, John L. Sokol



Editors Notes

Talk: Content Distribution Networks and Broadcast Video

SVLUG events.gif
SVLUG (Silicon Valley Linux Users Group)
Wednesday,  April 6, 2011 - 7PM to 9PM Symantec (formerly Veritas), Mountain View
John Sokol  
Topic: Content Distribution Networks and Broadcast Video 

April 2011
I will be giving a talk on CDN's and Broadcast video at the Silicon Valley Linux Users group on April 6th.
Then I will be attending NAB in Vegas, if anyone wants to meet up I can be reached on 916-704-7676 or send me an E-mail.
I am working on a Flash Version of my Livecam and a Flash video rebroadcaster. I am also considering the possiblity of a CCTV DVR based on Linux and Flash Video Streaming.
Be sure to check out my little Internet TV Tuner, http://www2.videotechnology.com/tv

March 2009
I have been posting my new articles on to http://videotechnology.blogspot.com/ it's just been easier that way. There are still tons of great articles directly on this site, videotechnolgy.com.
Lots of new things going on, live flash video, some interesting video codec work for lossless HD, and some realtime image analysis for DVR's. Not sure how much I can write on these things, or will have the time too.



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